Conjecture: What To Expect From Google Chrome OS [Update: In The Ballpark]


Google is showing off their Chrome OS at an event later today. Because I find it infinitely fascinating to see what kinds of rabbits the folks at the Googleplex pull out of their hats, I’m going to convert my anticipation into wild speculation:

  • The grand idea is to make Chrome OS to PCs what Android and iPhone OS is to ultra-portables.
    Update: Pretty much right.
  • When you log on to your system, you’re also logged into Gmail, Calendar and so on.
    Update: Kinda. Your session from last time is restored.
  • Like with Android, Chrome OS will be able to use custom designed interfaces, like HTCs “Sense” UI.
    Update: Too early to tell, but probably not.
  • There’s going to be an App Store. Duh.
    Update: Totally missed the mark on this one. NO app store; websites are the apps.
  • Chrome OS will be branded like the Chrome Browser in a deliberate attempt at blurring those oft cited lines between the web and the desktop.
    Update: Pretty much.
  • The look of Google Wave is a strong pointer — if not exact replica — of Chrome OS’ UI look.
    Update: Nope.
  • A significant part of the demonstration will involve showing how fast Chrome boots and gets you online. The plan is, no doubt, to respond as quickly as your phone does.
    Update: Almost. The goal is to get Chrome OS to launch as fast as your TV does, and certainly faster than you can make a sandwich.
  • Like Apple when they launched the iPhone, JavaScript is the SDK. The question is whether Google has tricks hidden in their sleeves. We’ve heard about WebGL, various sandbox type apps and even their new “Go” programming language. Perhaps something unique will materialize. Perhaps not.
    Update: Perhaps not far off the mark, but still too early to tell. For now, websites are the apps, with upcoming APIs for OS notifications, panels, GPU and CPU acceleration and local storage. But no mention of any new programming languages.
  • Chrome OS will run Android apps. Possibly: vice-versa.
    Update: Nope. No Android apps. No binaries at all, in fact.
  • The plan is to not go head to head with Windows or OSX in the immediate future. As with all other “launch-early, iterate often” Google products, Chrome OS will woo devices that are smaller than laptops but larger than phones and grow from there.
    Update: Pretty much. Google will specify hardware requirements which range from “this netcard” and “no harddrive only solid state disks” to “the keyboard has to be full-size”, the result being some really nice netbooks at the end of next year.

The event starts in ~three hours at which point you can catch a webcast.

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  2. RT @noscope Googles Chrome OS hype got to me. Here’s @gruber-esque Apple-event-like speculation:

  3. Updated my pre Chrome OS-Webcast conjecture post with what we now know:

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