Dejligt Means Nice In Danish

Just a week ago, I finally jotted down the last lines of code for what’s about to become my only “corporate” website: Dejligt. There’s all sorts of new stuff there which I’ve been working on for the last year. It even sports an ajaxified version of WordPress which is totally less userfriendly but should hopefully wow a few clients.

Most interestingly to you readers I imagine, is the fact that once again I’m separating work from play. As the name indicates, the most customers I get are Danish, and so English is now optional. For this blog, that once again means a focus on “snacksized portions of pointless stuff”. I’ll be removing all traces of dull work stuff and merely advertise “dejligt” for those looking for it. I’ll be looking forward to working on a small redesign which could hopefully breathe some life into the things about this I enjoy the most; thought on usability, B-movie reviews and otherwise awesome stuff. Sure, I’ll need some new shelves but thank science I know a danish webdesigner that can help me out.

7 thoughts on “Dejligt Means Nice In Danish”

  1. Khaled says:

    Looks awesome dude, love the protfolio section, hadn’t realised you’d been involved in soo many sites. Only one little quibble, the text is slightly on the light side, maybe get some more distinct actions on the links as well (hover state?) Otherwise can’t wait to see what you do with noscope.

    1. Joen says:

      Thanks, and yeah, totally, I need to darken the text and polish here and there.

      The fact is, however, that I’ve only just now had time to implement the design which I’ve had lying around for a while. But I’m all about iterative these days, so little tweaks here and there. Count on it.

      Hope all is well with you!

  2. James says:

    Nice work! Like Khaled, I would have never known. You certainly have been busy.

    1. Joen says:


      I have been busy, but busy good. Less stressful than when I was fulltime employed, which is great.

  3. Khaled says:

    I’m good, been stupidly busy at $work, but I’ve also been getting into the comic book world a hell of a lot more. Still I hear you about the incremental changes, it’s definitely the way to go. No pressure, just simple changes that follow a solid foundation. Less stressful.

    1. Joen says:

      It’s mainly american and english comics with you, innit? No belgian stuff (Tintin, Spirou, that sort of thing)?

      Yeah, incremental. I think I’m beyond the total redesign phase.

      Edit: Not beyond as in “better than”, just beyond as in past, as in I’ve tried prefer incremental.

    2. Khaled says:

      Well it’s a mixture to be honest. I just finished reading Persepolis and the Portable Frank, I also am reading Tiny Tyrant (Todenheim) and Pixu (by two brazillian brothers, a greek and an american), but yeah the amount of Belgian comics is limited…for shame I’ve still yet to read a single issue of Tintin, yeah I know Herge is a master, but I only just got Calvin and Hobbes recently as well (although strip comics are a different beast for me).

      I’m planning on getting a podcast up and running with some newly aquired comic book friends, might do a skype session and you can give us your thoughts on your side of things 🙂 .

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