New Google Doc Bookmarklet

Google Docs has really grown on me. I use it for todo lists, vacation planning, notes to self and even invoices. Only, creating a new document requires you to first load Google Docs and then click “New Document”. That is, until you use one of these bookmarklets.

Drag one of these links to your bookmarks toolbar:

If anyone finds a way to create a new spreadsheet via a URL, let me know. Found out.

4 thoughts on “New Google Doc Bookmarklet”

  1. Mark Jensen says:

    This also works for hosted accounts – just change ->

    Nice trick, btw.

  2. zach says:

    You can also check out Gladinet ( It is currently in beta but it allows you to map your Google Docs documents in Windows explorer for quick upload/download/edit. You can drag an Excel file from local my document folder into the Google Docs virtual drive. I find it helpful when I want to migrate my folder-ful doc/spreadsheet into Google Docs for more serious use.

  3. steffen says:

    I use the Google Docs gadget (labs) from within Gmail.

    It shows recent documents and lets you create any type in two clicks.

    Very handy.

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