LG X110 Netbook Mini-Review

I recently acquired an LG X110 netbook. It’s basically a 10” mini notebook with everything (( It doesn’t have a DVD drive. Instead it has 3 USB ports and a Flash card reader. )) that entails; full keyboard, trackpad, the lot. Because of the small form factor, the price is as low as it gets for a full-featured portable.

At 10” we’re really talking a small computer. If you cover it in a fine film, you could theoretically swallow the device. The implication of this is mostly related to audience and usage situations. For a number of people, myself included, it’s an ultra-portable that’s good for demos, accessing your calendar, email and whatever documents you have stored in the cloud these days (which, in my case, means most of them). For the other audience, the keyboard is simply too small. For this audience, the minimum size of a net or notebook is 12 or 13 inches, where the keyboard is standard-sized. If you’re one of those, steer clear of netbooks altogether.

What sets this netbook apart from the plethora of others, is the keyboard, which despite its sub-standard size has the keys in the right place. That means the Ctrl key is to the left of the Fn key, and the right Shift key is above the arrow keys (you’d be surprised how many notebooks get this wrong). As such, the X110 is an excellent value for your money.

The catch is the battery life. On a full charge, the 3 cell battery gets only 2, 2½ hours at the lowest brightness (which really is low). I’m told larger batteries that fit in the same form factor are already available for the netbook but obviously at extra cost. If it wasn’t for the battery life, this netbook would get a five heart rating.