Carousel Gallery (jQuery) for WordPress [Updated January 2010]

This plugin builds on the builtin WordPress gallery, and replaces any gallery inserted using the gallery tag with a neat jQuery powered carousel. By carousel it means you can browse through all the pictures in the gallery and they’ll slide from the right to the left and seamlessly start over at the end.

The plugin uses jQuery and a jQuery plugin called jCarousel.


Download the plugin from the WordPress repository

Development Stopped

Due to my busy schedule, development on this plugin has stopped. Fortunately, the plugin is open source. Are you an experienced plugin developer willing to lend some love, then you’re welcome to get co-ownership of this plugin. Let me know.

268 thoughts on “Carousel Gallery (jQuery) for WordPress [Updated January 2010]”

  1. Asger says:

    Good stuff! With jQuery, CSS & XHTML maybe we can get rid of all the flash galleries out there. A least I can’t see the benefit of building them in flash any longer…

  2. jonas says:


    Been trying to implement this one, but it bugs in IE,

    when i click the last image in a set (when normally it would go back to the first image), it creates an error and all the carousel’s stops working.

    ‘url is null or not an object’

    Any ideas what it can be?

    1. Joen says:


      Which version of IE are you having trouble with?

      Also, could you try deactivating ALL other plugins, and see if any of the other plugins conflict with yours?

    2. Joen says:

      I believe I have made a workaround that fixes this issue.

      Fixes in that it’s not super elegant, but it no longer crashes the gallery either.

  3. jonas says:

    so, both IE6, and IE7 and i don’t have any other plugins activated.

    it’s only on the last photo the problem occurs, as if it can’t handle the loop, in safari and FF it’s fine.

    Other than that the plugin is great.

    1. Joen says:

      That’s odd. I seem to remember testing this in both IE6 and IE7.

      Can you test this page: in IE6 on your side, and let me know if it works?

  4. Jonas says:

    Hey Joen,

    I tested it in IE6 and IE7, and both renders the same problem,

    1. Joen says:

      That’s odd. alright, it’s on my todo list!

  5. alectro says:

    Really nice work Joen, congratulations!

    Is there a way to show all images on a 1 horizontal strip with the same width of the “large” image?


    1. Joen says:

      Glad you like it.

      You’ll have to explain your question a bit more, I’m confused. Right now, the width of the entire carousel is based on the widest image in the sequence.

    2. alectro says:

      Joen: Glad you like it.You’ll have to explain your question a bit more, I’m confused. Right now, the width of the entire carousel is based on the widest image in the sequence.

      Hi Joen, thanks for your reply.

      Indeed, the carousel is based on the largest width of the image.

      What I want to know is if there’s a chance to show the thumbs in a single line with left and right arrows as in the follow example: image slider

      Thanks again!

    3. Joen says:

      alectro: Indeed, the carousel is based on the largest width of the image.

      What I want to know is if there’s a chance to show the thumbs in a single line with left and right arrows as in the follow example: image slider

      Yes, that is possible. Using CSS.

      Essentially you’ll want to hide the thumbnails, and then use absolute positioning to place the prev and next buttons to the left and right of the image carousel. It’s not super advanced, but it does require a bit of coding. I don’t have time to write an example right now, but yes, it’s possible.

    4. alectro says:

      Thanks Joen, I will try to do that, any idea how to start?

      I will post here the results.


    5. Joen says:

      Well you’d have to look at the HTML the gallery outputs and then use CSS classes to position it in your own stylesheet.

      I would recommend maybe trying this question in a CSS forum somewhere. I’m really sorry i can’t be of more help, but I’m kinda busy these days.

    6. alectro says:


      BTW If you want some help with any improvements for future updates, just let me know how to help you, I think this plugin is very usefull.

  6. Wow, amazing plugin… i’ll test it in a few days!

    Two little questions:

    – is it possible not to scroll, but to fade in/out the larger images like here.

    – is there a way to add “location.hash” like the famous galleriffic gallery?

    thank u for putting together this nice thingie! regards from germany!

    1. Joen says:

      Alexander Hahn#: – is it possible not to scroll, but to fade in/out the larger images like here.

      Yes. That’s possible. Because this is using jQuery, switching the scroll out with a fade should be doable.

      Alexander Hahn#: – is there a way to add “location.hash” like the famous galleriffic gallery?

      Yes and no. It’s possible, certainly, to extend the core features to add permalinks. However, what happens if you have two galleries on one page? Which you’d have on category or date views, for instance.

      Unfortunately all of this’ll have to land on the backlog, as I’m bit busy these days.

  7. jonas says:

    Hej Joen,

    The update fixes the breaking issue, but when you ‘loop’ the gallery in IE it creates some strange behaviour, still better than breaking it.. but still not perfect. 🙂

    So, what happens is that it goes back to the first image, and then just loops the first image, and the thumbs stops working.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for fixing the breaking issue. A lot better now.

    1. Joen says:

      Yeah, it’s only a semi fix. As in, it breaks less elegantly.

      However, in my tests, it doesn’t loop the first slide, it only shows it twice. Meaning, if you flip through the entire gallery and circle back to the first, it shows the first image twice, and then repeats. Is that not what you’re getting?

  8. Chris says:

    First off thanks for a great plugin!

    I have everything working properly on my site and now I’m ready to do some styling with CSS.

    My question is how to change the output size of the large images. Even after changing the media settings for medium sized images I am still left with an images much smaller than I need. My desired output size is 475px by 335px. Does some code need to be changed in the javascript? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks very much.

    1. Joen says:

      Jonas (below) is exactly right.

      Changing the media sizes only changes the sizes of future uploads, a nuisance I’ve criticized in WordPress before.

      So, after changing the media size, delete your images from your post and upload them again.

    2. Chris says:

      Thanks for the quick response. This was a quick and easy fix. Again, great plugin, keep up the good work. Cheers!

  9. jonas says:


    You need to change the media setting prior to uploading images to wordpress. So, try and upload a new gallery, should work nicely.

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for the reply Jonas. Nice to know there are members of the community ready and willing to help with silly questions. Cheers!

  10. Chris says:

    Hey – awesome plugin – love the simplicity. This may be a stupid question but I’m still a little new on the php – is there a way to hardcode the gallery into the index.php? I’m trying to install a slideshow gallery into the main template rather than using it on an individual page and not sure how…

    1. Joen says:

      No need to hardcode, and yes you can have a gallery on your front page.

      First, get a static page for your front page (google it). Secondly, upload pictures to that page. Thirdly, insert gallery.

  11. Guillermo says:

    Thanx for this. I have something similar without WordPress in

    Now I´d like to use you ‘easy to use plugin’. But i don´t know how it functions.

    I wrote – img src=’dada’ alt” – tags . And added [gallery] but nothing happened.

    Even, I installed jcarousel, and added – gallery- but the big image dosn´t appear.

    Could you please guide me?

    1. Joen says:

      Guillermo: Could you please guide me?


      It’s important to note, however, that this only works with WordPress. You won’t get this plugin to work any other way.

      Provided you do have WordPress installed, and that it’s WordPress 2.5 or later, the process is this:

      1. You start writing a new post or page
      2. You upload a number of image to that post or page (more info here:
      3. You either click “Save” and then “Insert gallery”, or you exit the file uploader and manually type in [gallery]
      4. You publish the post or page
      5. If the plugin is active, you should now have a carousel gallery

      You’re not supposed to insert images manually, one by one, so you shouldn’t have to write img src at any time.

    2. Guillermo says:

      Thanks a lot. It was easier than what i thought.

      But i have issues to resolve.

      In my theme the thumbnails are thin. They have 10px of width, more or less. I don´t know why.

      It work ok for IE8 in Default Theme. But the big image doesn´t shows in Opera 9.

      So the plugin works. But i have theme issues to resolve, an a navigator problem.

      If you have any comment about what i said, please help me, ok?

  12. Mayid says:

    I’ve made some changes to the plugin, so it can center images horizontally and vertically (usefull for different sizes pictures).

    These are the changes, but i’d like to send you the files by email, if you contact me, so we can upgrade the plugin to 1.2v .


    function mycarousel_2_getItemHTML(item)


    return ““;


    /* We wrapped the img so to align the div horizontally.*/


    /*This css attribute positions the div in the middle by width */

    .centrador {width:auto; height:auto; text-align:center;}


    /* This ‘function’ shoud be activated each time a new photo appears on the desk */

    var top = ( $(‘.jcarousel-clip-horizontal’).height() –

    $(‘.jcarousel-clip-horizontal .centrador’).height() ) / 2;

    $(‘.centrador’).css(‘margin-top’, top);

  13. Mayid says:

    Sorry. This is the first item.


    /* Wrap the links with a div than can be centered by css*/

    function mycarousel_”.$post->ID.”_getItemHTML(item)


    return ““;


    1. Joen says:

      Very cool, thanks for sharing.

      I’m going on vacation tomorrow, but when i get back I’ll look into this and maybe add it to the core.

    2. Thomas From says:


      I’d really like some help on getting the center image function to work. I have tried a lot of css tricks without luck. The above seems to be working, but not for me – I guess I haven’t got the skills to make it work. (Where in the code should I place 3 ? )

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Joen – great plugin!

    3. Thomas From says:

      Hmmm… Guess I was a little impatient – centering the images can be done in the css 🙂

  14. Freakenstein says:

    Hmm, I’ve got this bug,

    the gallery is working fine (actually pretty good),

    but the gallery options screen is incomplete.

    On the gallery tab i’m missing:


    (Save all changes)

    Gallery Settings

    Link thumbnails to: Image File Attachment Page

    Order images by:

    Order: Ascending Descending

    Gallery columns:

    (Insert gallery)


    WordPress 2.8

    1. Freakenstein says:

      Found some extra info with Firebug,

      I’ve got an extra element in the ccs: {

      although, I’ve yet no clue where is comes from…

  15. Freakenstein says:

    What also would be a nice idea is, linking the thumbnail to an anchorpoint of the mainimage,

    so you don’t have to scroll up with large galleries.

  16. Yanzen says:

    I like your site. Its working in my site Wow. good trick. _

  17. fikue says:

    hai nice plugin, i;m using ur plugin in this site

    , but it seem not display in safari. IE and Firefox could i repair?i just use simple setting ( a simple code gallery at my template instead of using shortcode in a post)

    i made a custom post template available for default gallery

    asking some help here…:'(

    1. Joen says:

      Very odd, I have no idea why it doesn’t work in only Safari.

      Are you using jQuery for the site elsewhere?

  18. fikue says:

    Thanks man , u remember me something, i have used mootools efects before in the header..thus, make it conflicts in safari… now the site is great, thanks for ur plugin 🙂

    Its would be better n fit nice if the slide picture can be click able into lightbox or the page/ details link instead to the next picture. Just as an idea of user option. thanks again Joen 🙂

  19. Guillermo says:

    To avoid conflicts with other frameworks, or maybe with Safari browser, use no.conflict mode:

    Basically, replace ‘$’ (the dolar sign) by ‘jQuery’. Because Mootools uses the same sign.

    (WORDPRESS includes a way of calling jQuery: search for ‘enqueue’ method. If you don

  20. Jeremy says:

    Hey I’ve run into a really weird problem. I’m testing out a new site, running on windows xp and I have xampp installed (don’t have a server to test on). When I activate your plugin, I cannot edit any of my pages. At first I thought it was WordPress, but when I de-activated the plugin, everything worked fine. So I tested some other plugins, then when I tried yours again, same thing (different theme this time) – when I edit a page and click Preview or Update, it just shows what was there before I updated – it will NOT allow me to save it.

    Any thoughts?

  21. jonas says:

    Hej Joen,

    I’m using your plugin again on a different project and i’m using it together with a jquery cookie setup to toggle div’s, but my jQuery breaks the gallery, and it stops working..,

    You know any way I could use both?

    the code i’m using for the toggle div’s is as follows, (with the jquery cookie plugin)

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    if (jQuery("#com").is(":visible")) {
    jQuery.cookie('com', 'hiding', {path: "/"});
    return false;
    } else {
    jQuery.cookie('com', 'showing', {path: "/"});
    return false;

    var com = jQuery.cookie('side-menu');

    if (com == 'hiding') {

  22. jonas says:

    Solved by just loading my js externally. Anyways, thanks for a very nice (and unique wp-plugin)

    Would be cool if you would add more transitions, or possibly integrate the cycle-plugin from


    Anywho, cheers.

    1. jonas says:

      Might have been a bit too quick there,

      there’s still the same problem, i think there might be a conflict with the cookie-plugin? Any ideas?

    2. jonas says:

      alright, so that one was sorted, just a simple messup with the order of jquery objects, but with the proper enqueue, it works correctly..

      However, as soon as I have two galleries on the same page I get a ‘No width/height set for items – will create a loop, aborting’,

      Any idea on what might be causing that one?

    3. Joen says:

      Are you talking two galleries in one post? Or, for example, two galleries in two posts on a category view page?

      If it’s the former, make sure you don’t use the “preview” function for that, try and see if it works if you publish.

  23. jonas says:

    Hey Joen,

    I’m using two galleries on two separate pages but on the same index.php, with the query_posts(), and it’s published. and when i unpublished the 2nd one the first one works, but not the other way around..

    1. Joen says:

      That must be it. I think it’s a “use case” I haven’t thought about. The thing is, each gallery needs a number of “unique” JS settings, and so an ID is generated for each post or page which is added to the identifiers. I think two pages on the same .. well.. page, may conflict.

      Are you having these troubles elsewhere?

  24. jonas says:

    Thing is, I have it working on another site I made a month ago, where there’s just 1 gallery/post in a normal wp-setup, with like 10 posts/page. So it’s pretty strange.

    And in the current one, each post (or page) gets a specific ID, so I’m not sure about the conflict..

    1. Joen says:


      Well the truth of it is, that the jquery carousel plugin which is used here is somewhat sensitive to the CSS (yes, the CSS!). So if you’ve changed the jquery carousel CSS that is bundled, or override some of it with your own CSS, it may bork things!

      Try commenting out any CSS changes you have, and then enable them one by one again.

  25. jonas says:

    I wish it was that simple, just commented away all CSS and the problem remains, strange. I’ll get back to you if I find a solution, if you like, mail me and I can show you the page, might make things clearer..

    1. Joen says:

      I have some changes to the plugin in the pipeline, perhaps they’ll improve things. I’ll see if I can work it all in today and hope the new plugin helps.

    2. jonas says:

      Hey Joen, me again 🙂

      So, I updated the plugin to the latest one and it’s looking nice! Works great when there’s only 1 gallery visible, I don’t get any warnings about infinite loop problems, but

      when there’s two galleries, i get the following error

      Fatal error: Cannot redeclare remove_brs() (previously declared in /home/ in /home/ on line 161

    3. Joen says:

      Look for 1.6.2 in the repository in 15 minutes.

      Sorry 🙂 this should work tho.

    4. jonas says:

      Cheers, I’m like the number one beta tester for your plugin. 🙂

    5. Joen says:

      So did it work?

    6. jonas says:

      well, the fatal error is gone, but now i’m back to the infinite loop problem again.

    7. jonas says:

      Hej Joen,

      I figured out what was causing the problem, and it was very simple in the end..
      because I’m having my two galleries in divs that are hidden at first, jcarousel has no width/height set for those items, so it causes the error. if the divs are open at start it works fine. (duuuh)

      So now I just have to figure out a way to tricking it into thinking it’s got a height/width set even though the parent div is hidden..

    8. Joen says:

      Hey Jonas,

      Try using “visibility:hidden” instead of “display: none” if you can. That should have the div retain its height.

    9. jonas says:

      Mm, i wish I could.. but the div’s are expanding.. so will be tricky..

    10. jonas says:

      Hej again,

      Solved it, finally. In end, as always, it was a really simple solution.

      visibility: hidden; did the trick. thanks a bunch.

  26. Hi Joen!

    I got a question: Is it possible to add picture description as it’s implemented with picture titles?

    BTW the firsts characters of my pictures titles are not showing.

    Any idea?

    1. Joen says:

      Picture descriptions should work! But for them to work, right now, you have to increase the height of the entire gallery in the options page. If your gallery is 300px high, increase it to 400, and you’ll have 100px for descriptions. I hope to improve this in the future.

      As for the first characters, I don’t know, perhaps it’s some funky CSS that gets cropped. Try manually styling the H2 titles of the images.

  27. Thanks Joen, now’s working I just fixed CSS for titles and image description.


  28. Hi Josh, I’m not a coder but I like to remix some code sometimes with good results, so if you need help just email me.

    If you want help with some CSS the same I say.


  29. jason says:

    Really like this. really simple. just what i need for a site im working on. Only problem is the wordpress gallery limitation of ‘gallery’ means all of your images. Do you know any plugins that will work with this to output separate galleries to different pages or indeed the same page. It needs to easy to update as the default gallery…thanks.

  30. James says:

    Hey Joen,

    Love this plugin. Great work. spent a whole day yesterday trying to get a carousel working to no avail then found this, and I have one up and running in no time.

    I do have a question though. Is it possible to show three images at a time? I have a gallery of 12 images, and would like to show 3 instead of 1. I have changed the width on jcarousel-skin-neat .jcarousel-clip-horizontal to 900px, and

    but I still can’t get the lower images to come up alongside. any ideas/thoughts?


    1. Joen says:

      Yeah it’s possible, at least in the jcarousel script which this plugin uses.

      You need to hack the plugin though. The clip horisontal, as you noted, should be hacked. In addition, you need to hack this part:

      	jQuery(document).ready(function() {
      			wrap: 'circular',
      			itemVisibleInCallback: {onBeforeAnimation: mycarousel_3367_itemVisibleInCallback}
      			,itemVisibleOutCallback: {onAfterAnimation: mycarousel_3367_itemVisibleOutCallback}
      			,scroll: 1
      			,animation: 'slow'
      			,initCallback: mycarousel_3367_initCallback
      			,buttonNextHTML: null
      			,buttonPrevHTML: null
      			,itemFirstInCallback: mycarousel_3367_itemFirstInCallback

      notice that it says “scroll: 1”. Try to set that to 3.

  31. Martin says:

    Hi Joen! This plugin is amazing – finally a nice and clean way to show photos. Thanks!

    I am looking for a clever way to disable the thumbnails, but so far the only work-around I have come up with is to comment out the html code that displays the actual thumbnails. It would be very nice if an option could be added to the options page where thumbnails could turned off and thereby minimise the code that the plugin hardcodes on the pages. Alternatively, if you would give me a pointer as to where I should look to hack the code then I would also be grateful.

    Also, I would love to see Mayid’s suggestions on how to center-align images incorporated in a future update.

    Many thanks and all the best! /Martin

    1. Joen says:

      Right now your best bet would be to find the div that contains the thumbnails and apply “display: none;” in the CSS. But I’ll consider adding an option for it.

      Centering is a bit more tricky, and I’m not quite sure how Mayid did it. I think it’ll require you to manually enter a width for the entire gallery, which makes things not so clean. If I find a neat way to add it, I will.

  32. James says:

    Thanks Joen…

    Changing the scroll from 1 to 3 only makes the 1 visible slide go from slide 1 to slide 4 then 7 etc. when next is clicked. I am not seeing anywhere else within the php that remotely looks as obvious as that scroll line either.

    1. Joen says:

      Then it should scroll 3 now. Now you just have to tweak the size of the clip, so that it shows all 3. Which I’m not quite sure how, sorry to say. It’s been a while since I mashed up the code.

  33. Dave says:

    Nice plugin!

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the images in the gallery to align to the right of the image gallery?
    I tried to use float:right on .jcarousel-list li a, .jcarousel-item in the css but that doesn’t work.

    1. Joen says:

      I’m wracking my brain here, but sure it’s possible, but I think you’ll need more CSS than that.

      Essentially, if you have 3 images, there’s a ribbon of 9 images in one long continuous bar. Only one image is then shown, through a masking effect of the containing div. That div, as far as I remember, is not 100% wide. So you could float that div to the right.

    2. Dave says:

      It was a lot easier than I imagined at first,

      .cgj_image {
      float: right;

    3. Joen says:

      Wow, well, glad you fixed it!

  34. Hi Joen,

    This plugin is exactly what I needed, but for the life of me I can’t get it to work.

    I inserted a wordpress gallery into my post and I have installed and activated the plugin.

    My wordpress gallery is just using three full size images that are all 430 pixels wide and I my gallery settings are:

    Gallery Settings
    Link thumbnails to: Image File
    Order images by: Random
    Order: Ascending
    Gallery columns: 3

    I even see all the jQuery in the source, but it just shows the thumbnails and not the nice full size image above like your demo.

    I have spent countless hours and since I am a newbie I know it must be something simple I am doing wrong.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Joen says:


      I can see on your website that it’s a jquery conflict.

      You must be using another plugin that uses a different version of jquery, or perhaps a plugin that uses prototype or something else.

      Try debugging by deactivating any other plugins you may have.

    2. I have deactivated all other plugins and removed all of my other javascripts and still it doesn’t seem to be working.

      Any other ideas?

    3. Joen says:

      Well that’s odd. Now it looks like the jquery script that’s bundled with this plugin isn’t even initiated. I can’t find jquery-1.3.2.min.js anywhere in the source code. Very odd, since it should be automatically added by the plugin.

    4. Now I hard coded in the css & js:

      But still not working, any other ideas? Sorry to be a pain!

    5. Joen says:


      Jquery is still not read and initialized. See these two URLs in your source:

      they point to empty locations.

      It’s really likely just the preview DNS thing. It’ll probably all work if you just change the DNS.

    6. Yipeeeeee I finally got it to work!

      BUT have a look now, the large image gets cut off about 75 pixels down and you can’t see the full image.

    7. Joen says:

      I think it looks great from where I’m looking. On which page in particular does the problem appear?

      My solution, in any case, would be to ask you to input a desired height in the backend. There should be an options page called “Carousel Gallery”, where you can add a height for all the galleries.

    8. I am updating the css and it’s coming together, is there a way to set it so that if the height or widths vary that it loads the whole picture and doesn’t clip it?

    9. Joen says:

      Not currently.

      I’m pondering how to implement this feature. If it’s dynamic for every image, the thumbnails will jump around. If it’s an attribute (i.e. [gallery height="400"]), it’s a hassle. If it’s as it is now, it’s global.

      The best solution I can think of is that the height of each individual gallery is automatically set according to the highest image of that gallery. Which is kinda tricky, but certainly not impossible.

      But I would guess even that should be optional, or some would be annoyed that their gallery heights differ.

  35. Dave says:

    Hey again Joen,

    I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get the caption out of the carousel-gallery div and display elsewhere on the page, but I can’t find the correct event to trigger my caption-move-jquery on.

    As of now, it’s


    but that only works for the thumbs (not the big images) and only if I click the thumb again (once the animation completes).., any ideas?

  36. Anja says:

    awesome, just what i was looking for. thanks!

  37. Ryan says:

    Hi Joen,

    I just installed the Carousel plugin and while the install worked perfectly with WordPress 2.8.4. My problem is that that the gallery created is way too small for my needs. I tried editing the css files to enlarge the width to either 800px or 1040px with no luck. WP Media after install does not allow me to config the display sizes of the images.

    I’m fairly sure my aborted attempt at editing the files is the problem can you point me in the right direction as to what settings in which files I need to config to change the gallery size.

    Thanks & Best of Wishes!


    1. Joen says:

      You can’t change the gallery size by editing the CSS files, so if I were you, I’d delete the plugin and install anew.

      After a new install of the plugin, there are two ways to change the size of the gallery:

      1: open the Carousel Gallery options page and set an explicit height of the gallery
      2: Change the WordPress Media settings (General > Media).

      Please note, and this is important: once you’ve changed your wordpress media sizes, you have to upload the images again! This is an extremely annoying thing with WordPress — it doesn’t rescale your images after you change the media sizes. So upload images anew!

  38. Ryan says:

    Thanks Joen for the quick reply!
    Before I forget again; you did a great job with the plugin!

    Its 0400 and my brain is fried; after reading your response I realized just how fried my brain was and that it was all user error and/or stupidity!

    It has been awhile since I used the WP format and when you referred to the Carousel Options page I kept looking in the plugin>config page for an option file to edit. And whenever I read Media Settings I kept going to the MEDIA LIBRARY!!

    I do appreciate you taking the time to suffer my daftness with your quick and helpful response. If you ever need any help with photo-editing and/or Photoshop feel free to ask!

    Thanks & Best of Wishes!


    1. Joen says:

      No worries, glad you fixed it!

  39. This is a fabulous and straightforward plugin. I really appreciate your developing it. Thanks!

    However, I’m needing to push it just a bit further than it is able. The original purpose of the jQuery Carousel plugin – or at least the simplest configuration shown – is to put arrows on either side of a list of thumbnails, and let you slide it back and forth. This WordPress plugin uses the “carousel sliding” for the large image, but doesn’t provide sliding for the thumbnails.

    That’s my problem. I need to *also* allow those thumbnails to slide! I’ve tried a couple of “brute force” tricks, but I’m having no luck. I have been able to put more than one copy on a page – via this WP plugin – but I’m not able to get it to slide the thumbnails like I want. Using the example on this page, I’m just trying to make it so that if there are 50 thumbnails, it just shows the same three with arrows to navigate left and right…

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. David Bell says:

      Hi, great plugin, I’m looking for the same thing.  A carousel for the thumbnails.  Thanks.

  40. Mark says:

    Viewing this example in IE7 (and 6) it gets stuck after the first loop of images and just repeatedly shows the first image. Has anyone experienced this or found a fix?

    1. Joen says:

      Are you using the latest version? This problem should be fixed already.

    2. Mark says:

      I think so. Could you provide a link so that I can rule that out?

    3. Joen says:

      Mark: I think so. Could you provide a link so that I can rule that out?

      Well if you don’t have a yellow “update available” bar in your WordPress admin, you have the newest version. And if you’re experiencing the IE problem on this page (check the gallery in this very post), the problem is still there, apparently. I thought I’d fixed it.

    4. Mark says:

      It’s still there. Just tried it. The second time round the first image sticks. Do you think that it’s likely that you might have a chance to fix it in the nest couple of weeks? If not I’ll have to use something else. Thanks for getting back to me about it though.

    5. Joen says:

      I’m afraid it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get it fixed in the next few weeks. I’m so busy these days. Sorry.

    6. Mark says:

      ok. No problem. Thanks though. If anyone does have or finds a solution could they let me know? Cheers

  41. Rafe says:

    Any chance you could change the code to use the version of jquery that wordpress already uses?

    I have another plugin (GeotagPhoto) which is on the page and uses jquery and your gallery doesn’t work properly with it because it uses it’s own jquery.

    Hope that makes sense!

    1. Joen says:

      Yes, that does make sense.

      I find it super annoying that:

      a) the newer jQuery isn’t fully backwards compatible
      b) wordpress uses an obsolete version of jQuery

      obviously the most future proof thing to do would be for WordPress and other plugins to migrate to the newer jQuery.

      Honestly I’m hesitant to downgrade, mainly because I think the jquery addon (jcarousel) requires the new jquery.

  42. Malinda says:

    I love this plug-in! It looks amazing, is quick to load, and easy to use. I was wondering if there is a way to make the title/caption font smaller? And also a way for the thumbnails to line up neatly (already tried changing the # of columns but it didn’t matter)?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Joen says:

      Malinda: I was wondering if there is a way to make the title/caption font smaller?

      Yes, using CSS.

      .caption { font-size: 7pt; }
      .cgj_title { font-size: 12pt; }

      There’s also CSS to line up the thumbnails neatly, but that’s more than I can remember off the top of my head! Sorry.

  43. paddy says:

    Is it possible to make the thumbnail border go active onClick instead of waiting for the image to scroll across?

  44. paddy says:

    Also, it it possible to disable the Previous link when on the first image, and the Next link when on the last? I`ve seen this in other jCarousel galleries.

  45. Sean says:

    Hey Joen,

    Great plugin – thanks for creating it. I just wanted to report the same issue that @mark posted recently.

    Viewing this example in IE7 (and 6) it gets stuck after the first loop of images and just repeatedly shows the first image. Has anyone experienced this or found a fix?

    Has anyone found a solution to this?

  46. bondyn says:

    hi joen
    this plugin is fantastic. one question, where can i hook in to make the Forward/Previous links images instead of that text? i know i can make the font white or the size small, but i’d like an image if possible to ouput. Thanks so much!

    1. Joen says:

      You have to use CSS. For instance:

      a.cgj_prev {
      	display: block;
      	text-indent: -9999px;
      	overflow: hidden;
      	width: 100px;
      	height: 70px;
      	background: url("images/prev_icon_100x70.gif") no-repeat left top;
  47. NiceGuy says:

    This is wonderful!
    But where can I download this plugin?

    1. Joen says:

      Most embarrassing, I’ve accidentally deleted the download link in a recent post update. It’s now restored.

  48. NiceGuy says:

    Thank you very much Joen 🙂

  49. jesus says:

    sorry men, can u said to me how make that work on wordpress. cuz, im installed but i dont know how meka a post the pictures whith this carucel FX.. tks u !

  50. Chris says:

    I really like your plugin, the test example looks great.

    I’m having some trouble with it on my end, however. I have installed it, and the thumbnail images and navigational text are showing up, but the full image is not. Any ideas?

  51. Henry Rahn says:

    u have made a nice plugin, but some questions,
    is there a possibility to have the pictures preloaded?
    I tryed it with the discription from jCarousel, now they are preloaded,
    but the navigation does not work. Any ideas?
    The second question is, caus i use it without space between the pictures
    if u press the last picture, while the first is shown, there is a space between the to
    pictures in the animation. Do u know a possibility to have no space between there, or
    is it possible to have the second picture in between when navigating between the first and
    the last one?
    Greetings and thanks a lot


  52. Penny Gamer says:

    Nice plug-in! I had never actually made use of the gallery short code, but this plug-in makes it worth it. Nice job.

  53. Daniel says:

    Still no solution to the IE bug on this carousel?
    A truly great plugin, hopefully it will be fixed soon..

    I saw some other java carousel just putting the images 10 times after one another, kind of tricking it to look like its going round and round, not really a good solution though..

  54. Adam says:

    GREAT plugin.

    My question:
    I noticed the images are formatted to certain height and width. I know the thumbnails are adjustable in the settings panel but how about the main image? Is there any way to change that?

    1. Jonas says:

      You should have searched the other comments for this one..

      Here’s the solution anyways..
      The image size is based upon the medium size in the media settings. When you change it you’re gonna have to re-post your post for the change to take effect.

    2. Joen says:

      Adam: I noticed the images are formatted to certain height and width. I know the thumbnails are adjustable in the settings panel but how about the main image? Is there any way to change that?

      For now, you can’t specify a unique gallery width and height.

      And so, the width and height of each image is set according to what you’ve entered in the Settings > Media sizes section of WordPress. (I think the medium size is being used).

      Please note that should you change these media sizes, you need to delete the images in your gallery, and upload anew.

    3. Jonas says:

      Nice timing Joen, but i was 2 minutes faster! #yey 🙂

  55. Adam says:

    Thanks guys!

    1. Adam says:

      When I move the image caption left or right it gets cutoff when it hits the outside of the div. I know it’s a width or overflow issue but I don’t know where to address it. Any ideas?

  56. Adam says:

    When I move the image caption left or right it gets cutoff when I try to move it outside the image’s div. I know it’s a width or overflow issue but I don’t know where to address it. Any ideas?

    1. Joen says:

      Got a link to an example?

    2. Adam says:

      I’m working on a local server so I can’t provide a link but here’s a screen shot my page with the carousel gallery:
      I outlined and color coded the divs using the firefox web developer toolbar so you can see where my photo caption and description get cut off when I try move them.

  57. Adam says:

    I figured it out.  I had to remove ‘overflow: hidden’ from .jcarousel-list and .jcarousel-clip.  Sorry ’bout that.

    1. Joen says:

      Awesome. I’m glad you managed to fix it. I’m not sure I could’a helped.

  58. drrobotnik says:

    Hi I’m trying to use this plugin inside an iframe and im getting the infinite loop error.

    here’s where the script is on this test site:

    if you load it directly (not through the iframe) it works. So, I don’t know where the error is occurring.

    If you could help I’d appreciate it, thanks.

    1. I’ve come back to this issue. I still can’t figure out how to make the width and height work in an iframe.
      Click on the top left orange project to see the error message:

  59. Eswiig says:

    SEO Friendly Images is incompatible with this plugin, any way to fix it?

    It won’t show the big image when you have both SEO Friendly Images and Carousel Gallery activated.

  60. bondyn says:

    Joen, as everyone has said, your plugin ROCKS.
    I’ve used it on a couple of sites, always loving it (and editing the css/php to suit my needs). I have come across a problem however: when i want the next/previous arrows to be next to the SPANs that choose the thumbnails, it doesn’t work. if i  want this:
    << 1 2 3 4 >>
    and i just move the next/prev buttons from lines 128 down to 377 (and change the code a bit obviously), everything looks good (and validates, etc), but the actual JQuery functionality is lost. i’m even keeping that jcarousel-scroll div intact. do you know if the next/prev need to be at the place you initiated them? is the post->ID changing (i don’t think so, and i even did something that saves that ID and resuses it below, to no avail) or some other variable changing or being initialized differently up there than below, where you declare #innercontrols?? thanks so much!! bondy

    1. Joen says:

      I’m not quite sure I’ve understood your question, but I understand you want to move the next prev buttons?

      I think you can only do that with CSS. Try either removing the bundled CSS file, or adding  your own to the mix. Let me know if it works.

  61. haim says:

    this is great plugin,

  62. haim says:

    hi again… rest of my comment was deleted…. 🙁 so here it is again:
    any way, i can’t change the size of the main image.
    i tried reinstall and reload images, tried the height=800 but nothing work.
    also tried the css and php options but couldn’t resolve it.
    also trying to to center the main image… any way to to that?


  63. haim says:

    i meant that i want to move the large image of the gallery, not the navigation buttons.
    now the main image is stick to left of the screen and i want to center it.

    1. Joen says:

      This is a much requested feature, and I should build it into the next version. I think on one of the comment pages, one of the commenters has found a temporary solution.

  64. haim says:

    i read most of the comments.. but i will look again.
    for the main image size, couldn’t change this as well. i saw a post where you wrote to some one
    to reinstall the plugin and upload again all images… didn’t work for me.
    i think this plugin have a lot of potential but it really need some more basic features.

  65. oOOo says:

    Great plugin man, been looking for something like this for ages!  Thank you!
    Only trouble I am having is with the vertical spacing of the images. Cant seem to make the thumbnails appear in their own space, they are coming out on top of each other at the moment. Any idea whats wrong?
    Can see here:

    1. oOOo says:

      ok, I kind of got around it by making the thumnail sizes smaller so they dont overlap, but still looking for the css(think thats what I need to change anyway) which sets the vertical spacing of the images…

  66. Hi I really like your plugin, but I’m having trouble with it loading in an iframe.
    if you click on the orange images you get the “jquery no width/height set” error. If you load the frame directly the script works fine. Any help?

  67. hannes says:

    first of all, great plugin. thanks a lot
    I would like to make the image title link to another page. The problem is that once I include a link, it makes the image slide. I suppose the problem is that the regular link behaviour has been turned of with ‘return false‘. However, after hours of tweaking I can’t find out how to make it work. It’s just too much code for my skill level. Do you any idea how to pull this off?

  68. waqas says:

    how can i auto play the images in gallery? any idea ?

  69. Pablo says:

    Hi! First of all, thanks for sharing such great plugin! But, i’m having some problems with it. Im using WordPress 2.8.6, and thumbnails show perfectly… but the full images won’t. Is there any compatibility bugs with this wp version? Thanks again!

  70. Pablo says:

    Hi! First of all, thanks for sharing such great plugin! But, i’m having some problems with it. Im using WordPress 2.8.6, and thumbnails show perfectly… but the full images won’t show at all.
    Is there any compatibility bugs with this wp version? Thanks again!

  71. Pablo says:

    Sorry to be a pain. I just figured out the exact problem. I’ve tried in different browsers, but Firefox’s error console detects what going on. It says:

    jQuery(“mycarousel_14”).jcarousel is not a function

    Could you please tell me whats wrong? Im working on WP 2.8.6 on localhost (wish I had it online to show you). Please, I wold appreciate a lot your help, since I like a lot your plugin and is just what im needing! Thanks!

    1. Joen says:


      Pablo: Could you please tell me whats wrong? Im working on WP 2.8.6 on localhost (wish I had it online to show you). Please, I wold appreciate a lot your help, since I like a lot your plugin and is just what im needing! Thanks!

      Yeah, it sounds like you’re experiencing one of these problems:

      1. you haven’t uploaded the plugin properly. Try again
      2. you’re experiencing a jquery conflict, because your theme or another plugin is using a different version of jquery


  72. Pablo says:

    Thanks a lot Joen. I figured it! I had the Popup Date Picker function of the CformsII plugin. This made a conflict with jQuery. Just deactivated it and problem is gone. Thanks a lot. Great plugin!!!

  73. Marcy Sutton says:

    FINALLY! A WordPress gallery plugin that does not use Lightbox! I was starting to lose hope, and then I found this. Can’t wait to try it out.

  74. susanna says:

    How do i add a border around the main image?  When i try, the image is cut down to fit the orginial box width. See here:

  75. Frank says:


    I had the same problem as Pablo. For me it was the SEO friendly images plugin that made full images disappear.

    Do you have a list of CSS classes we can use to style the output?

    Thanks for the effort!

    1. Frank says:

      Never mind, I found the CSS styles. You can edit them via the Dashboard.

      You can see the plugin in action here:

      Thanks once again for this plugin!

    2. Tricia Okin says:

      Hey Frank,

      How were you able to get the images to display larger than the standard 225 x 300? I’ve tried changing the settings in the Media section as instructed but that still didn’t work. The .js file is still loading only the 225×300.jpg versions of all my images, not the original size. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  76. Schmartin says:

    Finally I solved a problem of mine. You have to set the height of the image in the css-file. This is no god if you post images with many different sizes. So under “.jcarousel-item” delete the height value and replace it with “min-height” and “max-height”. It seems to work fine in all modern browsers.

  77. Nicole says:

    Hi Joen,

    first of all: thanks so much for this plug-in! Was exactly what I was looking for for my WordPress portfolio page.

    Two issues though :): when I click the bigger image I have the same result as clicking the next button, but I need it to open the full size image in a lightbox instead. Is that possible? What do I have to change?

    Second question: currently the description text is displayed below the image, but I’d like to have it on the right of the image. I’ve played around with the CSS but it just didn’t work out.

    Thanks for your help!!!


    1. Adrian says:


      did you get managed the lightbox function? Or someone else? I am stuck. Thanks in advance!

  78. Collette says:

    Great plugin!
    I am just having a small problem getting it up and running 🙁

    I have installed and activated the plugin all ok
    uploaded a gallery to my page
    the gallery looks like it’s displaying ok:

    but not working
    anyone any ideas?

    many thanks
    kind regards

    1. Frank says:

      Hi Collette,

      I had the same problem as you. Try disabling all your installed plugins one by one. Quote form above: “For me it was the SEO friendly images plugin that made full images disappear. “

    2. Collette says:

      Hey Frank
      thanks for the advice!
      I gave that a go – disabled everything. then just activated the gallery only, and still no luck
      it all sounds so simple! I must be still doing something wrong 🙁
      i love this by the way!

      kind regards

      1. don says:

        Collette: Hey Frank
        thanks for the advice!
        I gave that a go – disabled everything. then just activated the gallery only, and still no luck
        it all sounds so simple! I must be still doing something wrong 🙁
        i love this by the way!kind regards

        i have the same exact problem… i have no idea what it is. is this not compatible with the newest versions of wp?

        1. Joen says:

          don: i have the same exact problem… i have no idea what it is. is this not compatible with the newest versions of wp?

          I have used this on the newest versions of WordPress, yes.

          But since Carousel Gallery uses jQuery 1.3.2 and most other javascript plugins use jQuery 1.2.3, there are often conflicts. Sometimes even the THEME uses jQuery.

          If deactivating all your plugins doesn’t make carousel work, try reverting to the default theme and see if it works.

          1. don says:

            you were right, it was the theme. i had ruled that out as it was just a framework theme, but i guess that particular framework theme finds it necessary to use jquery? a bit surprising.

            thanks for the help!

            one thing i am trying to figure out – i want to have the thumbnails be solid boxes instead of thumbnails (so they arent really thumbnails i suppose, just boxes). so one box would be black (that would be the active “thumbnail”) and the rest would be gray (inactive). from my little understanding of your code, you have a div that dynamically loads the images in (on top of?) the thumbnail divs. im just curious if theres a way to block the image so that my background-color code can be seen instead of the image.

            or if theres a way to put a shape over the other div? but anyway, no obligation, i will probably figure something out eventually. right now i have it on my test server with a 1px by 1px thumbnail lol obviously not a good solution.

            anyway, thanks for the awesome plugin!

  79. Just found the #wordpress image gallery plugin I’ve been looking for. Thanks, @DaisyOlsen!

  80. Beppe says:

    Hi, great plugin! Is possible have the Carousel Gallery without insert the tag [galleria] in the content, but with some php script in the template? Many thanks.

    1. Joen says:

      Yes. It should be possible.

      You can try carousel_gallery_jquery();

      Or you can try do_shortcode(‘[gallery]‘);

  81. Alex says:

    Hi there Joen

    I love the plugin, it’s great and it’s working fine on WP 2.9.1, spent sometime looking for a solution like this.

    I do have a question though, I’m a newbie at both Jquery & WordPress, but I’d like to have the thumbnails above the main image area (as opposed to the bottom). I have tried a few things like trying to edit the CSS, but I’m still off the mark.

    Could you offer any suggestions? my site is


    1. Josh says:

      I would also like to be able to have the Links and Thumbnails displayed above the image. How could i do this without having to use CSS positioning?


  82. Luqman Amjad says:

    please see for the IE6/7 loop bug fix!

    1. Jonas says:

      Hej Luqman, Just tested your fix for ie6/7, works beautifully, you made this plugin functional! Thanks a lot!

    2. Joen says:

      I’d also like to thank you, and point out that I’ll add this to the official repository with credit as soon as I can.

    3. Joen says:

      Added your fix to the official release. Thanks again.

    4. Luqman Amjad says:

      n/p thanks for the credit 🙂

  83. Joi says:

    How do I adjust the width of the main image?

    1. Joen says:

      Carousel Gallery takes its widths from the general media settings. Settings > Media.

    2. Jonas says:

      I don’t mean to be daft, but that question has been covered at least once or twice in this thread before, please read before asking. 🙂

    3. Joi says:

      Thanks Joen. I appreciate it.

      Jonas, I actually had read. And have tried the suggestion that Joen gave, but my main images still appear cut off or too small.

    4. Jonas says:

      My bad, just felt like ranting a bit. 🙂

  84. Gavin says:

    Hey great plugin – works well.

    Did anyone figure out how to center it… I have got the thumbnails centering but the main image is still on the left.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  85. Jae says:

    Hi! Awesome and simple plugin, thanks! One question…

    It seems like the main image title has a bullet before it, how do I remove that?

    Thanks again!


  86. Devin Walker says:

    Isn’t this a slider not a carousel? Sweet website though…

  87. jarrad says:

    Hey, this plugin is perfect! i have just wondering, how i could call a function to state what number image the slide is up to, for example ” 1/4 ”
    ive been trying a few things but i havent had any luck, im still trying to get my head around your code. any help would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks heaps.

  88. Augusto says:

    Loved your tips about jquery

  89. Jonah says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for the plugin, it works great! How can I make it so clicking on the large image uses a lightbox script instead of moving to the next slide? I’ve been able to remove the click function but I cannot get it to play with any lightbox script. Can you please offer some insight as to how to get this to work?


  90. fb says:

    Love this plugin well done only one problem I cannot get this to validate…..

    Any suggestions.. Anybody else experiencing this?

  91. Eric says:

    The plug-in works great. However, it breaks Lightbox 2. With both plug-ins activated, Carousel works fine but lightbox doesn’t. Once I deactivate Carousel, Lightbox works.

    Is there any version of Lightbox/Thickbox or similar plug-in compatible with Carousel?

  92. Tricia Okin says:

    Hey there, first off thanks a ton for making this plug-in. I’m the issue as Joi up there –

    I’m having a problem changing the width of the main image. No matter what, it keeps loading the medium size of 225 x 300 even though I changed that within WordPress’ settings. Is there a way around this at all? It would be much appreciated to have a solution for this. Thanks again for your hard work.

  93. Mick says:

    Hi there!

    I really like the plugin and the way it nicely works with the gallery build in wordpress.

    But I do experience one thing.. If I put a link somewhere in the description, then it somehow functions as a button instead of going to the url.. Any help?


  94. Hey there,

    For whatever reason this doesn’t seem to work with jCarousel’s autoscrolling functionality. I’ve tried adding the ‘auto: x’ parameter but it doesn’t seem to have any effect and I can’t figure out why.

    Thanks for your efforts!

  95. Ah, figured it out, it’s because you don’t load the items in the list beforehand.

  96. Gavin says:

    Hi There,

    This is one of the best plug-ins I have used for WordPress 🙂 thank you.

    I was wondering how to move the title to below the prev | next. I have been tinkering with the php file with no success.

    Any helped would be much appreciated.


    1. Chandra says:


      Hi Gavin,

      Were you ever able to figure out how to move the title in this gallery?

      I see that this was a while ago, but if you were successful I would really appreciate knowing how you did it.


  97. Tallulah says:

    This plugin is working great, thanks!

    Is there any way I can order the carousel images by the name of the image file I have uploaded? Right now, it seems like it is displaying the images in the order I have uploaded them.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  98. Tallulah says:

    By the way, I tried using [gallery orderby="post_title"]

  99. Tallulah says:

    I got it to work! [gallery orderby="title"]

  100. layla says:

    hey there!

    This plugin looks awesome though for some reason i can’t seem to be able to get it to work properly… it displays the images but doesnt display the top rotating image… and even if i press on the images doesn’t seem to respond… any idea whats the story? what am i doing wrong?

    Carousel Gallery (jQuery) for WordPress [Updated January 2010] (Noscope)

  102. tobi says:

    hi – a very nice plugin! excellent work! but i have one problem. on a single page the plugin works perferct, but on my start page the posts toggle (click to hide/show the entry) and if i put the gallery into a post i get this error message (browser alert):

    jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting…

    is there a way to fix this?

    thanks a lot!

  103. Charlie says:

    For those that can’t get this to work with non default themes, insert this wp_head(); (in php tags) into your themes header file just before the </head> tag.

    Great plugin!

  104. tobi says:

    hey, i have another question: is there a way to combine this with nextgen gallery. the thing is, i want to manage my galleries (like nextgen does) – so that every gallery gets an id and i can insert something like this [gallery id=4] into a post/entry.

    is that possible?

    thanks a lot

  105. Arrgh broken it somehow and keep getting this error: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /public_html/wp-content/plugins/carousel-gallery-jquery/carousel-gallery-jquery.php:1169)

    Any advice?

  106. steno says:

    having issues with main image showing in safari/chrome (thumbnails are showing) – the source code shows the [li] tag is empty 🙁

  107. RobertGall says:

    well first of all im happy for the great plugin!!!


    I have a website already where i use jCaroussel but is not WP based..
    Now im trying to make a replica of my old website with wp as Cms.. so ewerithing is fine except 1 thing the ..

    class=’carousel-controls jcarousel-control_”

    i know should be possible to instead of displaying all thumbnails witch slows my browser down over 100 images …
    i just van use a dot which is an html symbol &#8226 and show witch slide is .active {}

    the problem if i get it right is with this part of the script in / incarousel-gallery-jquery.php / file…

    * Add thumbnail navigation
    $output .= “ID.”‘>n”;
    $n = 1;

    if (get_option(‘cgj_thumbnail_size’) && get_option(‘cgj_thumbnail_size’) != “”) {
    $thumb_size = array(get_option(‘cgj_thumbnail_size’), get_option(‘cgj_thumbnail_size’));
    } else {
    $thumb_size = ‘thumbnail’;

    foreach ( $attachments as $id => $attachment ) {
    $link = wp_get_attachment_link($id, $size, true);

    $output .= “ID.””>”.$n.”” . wp_get_attachment_image( $id, $thumb_size ) . “•n”;

    $output .= ”;

    * End
    if i get this right again im new to this but i try :).. so :

    wp_get_attachment_image( $id, $thumb_size ) . this part.. from the above code.?

    So my question really is how to change it so i and up with just a dot but still will show me where is the slide is at the moment i mean the dot will be shown the .active class..

    i hope it made all sence..
    I SPENT 3 DAYS WITH THIS but couldn’t figure it out..

    ps:sorry for the bad English
    i would really appreciate your help or maybe the code snippet…
    best regards

  108. RobertGall says:

    also : wrap: ‘circular’, dos not work with : wrap: ‘both’, is it any special reason why?


  109. michael says:

    Hi! great plugin!

    Is it possible to have the Carousel Gallery without the circular?

    thanx !

  110. Gaurav Kumar says:

    This plugins upload all the images at the same time , It effects on the page load time. Is it possible to upload one large image at one time?

    1. Joen says:

      This plugins upload all the images at the same time , It effects on the page load time. Is it possible to upload one large image at one time?

      I think you’re referring to Image Symlinks, and I’ve noted that on the “ToDo list”. The solution for now, is to upload no more than 3 or four at a time.

  111. andi says:

    Hello, thanks for your work!

    I’ve got one question though: is it possible to have the respectively shown picture link to its (bigger) original as it is done with the “vanilla” (that is unchanged/built-in) gallery? It would be great to have the rotation done by the links “next/previous” and the possibility to get to the original directly.

    Thanks in advance!

  112. Kezia says:

    Great plugin thanks a lot it was just what I needed. I had a couple of ideas of extensions you may want to think about when you have time work on it. It would be great to have an option to show the thumbnails or not in the settings screen. Also wondered if there could be an option to show ‘Image 1 of 13’ type thing 🙂

  113. DMD says:

    Hi, great plugin, I’ve used it one a couple of sites now. I’m currently trying to use on wordpress 3.1 and getting this error.

    jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting…

    This despite having set the width and height for items.

    Anyone know why this is?

    Carousel Gallery (jQuery) for WordPress [Updated January 2010] (Noscope)

  115. Rich says:

    This sounds like a fantastic plugin… but it doesn’t seem to work. When I click on the images it just takes me to their page, the gallery function doesn’t work at all.

    1. Joen says:

      This sounds like a fantastic plugin… but it doesn’t seem to work. When I click on the images it just takes me to their page, the gallery function doesn’t work at all.

      Uhm. Oops.

      Looks like the theme codebase I just switched to overrides the features of the carousel gallery plugin. I’ve added that to my theme fix list.

      The plugin should work fine for you. Try it. Also, there are screenshots here:

  116. Chandra says:

    Hey there,

    Is it possible to move the cgj_title to appear below the feature image rather than above.

    I have tried to move things around in the php file with no success.

    Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

    1. Joen says:


      I haven’t worked in this for a while, so I might be wrong. But I’m pretty sure you can move the title in CSS only.

      1. Chandra says:


        Hi Joen,

        Thanks for your reply! I have tried moving items around in both css files now. carousel-gallery-jquery.css and carousel.css

        Still can’t get it to move. I would really appreciate your help with this, I’m sure its such a easy change but I am having no luck.

        Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.


  117. Hi Joen,
    using the carrousel for the second time, and strangly this time I can’t find where to get rid of the img-titles. I went through both CSS and did’nt find where to fix that. I would greatly appreciate a hint. And thanks for this carrousel, I find it the best so far, all the others seemed terribly complicated.
    Grüße aus Frankfurt

  118. did I make a mistake and did my message not go through? am trying desperately to get rid of the img titles on the website above. could you help?

    1. Joen says:

      Mariam Dessaive,

      Your message got through, I’m just busy.

      The way to bide image titles, is using Css. Probably .cgj_title { display: none ; }

  119. LYKC says:

    Great plugin! Works a treat. I edited the CSS and JS files to accommodate my design at Thanks again!

  120. Merlin Mason says:

    Is there anyway to get two of these running on one page?

    I’m trying to use the to pull in a couple of galleries to the homepage.

    Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks

  121. Spelen says:

    Cool plugin, works like a train… Thanks for sharing!

  122. Ginny says:

    Awesome plugin – just what I need.

    My only problem is that the big image isn’t visible – just thumbnails. Been trying to run down any conflicts, but no dice. All other plugins are deactivated and the plugin’s jquery includes seem to be pointing to the right place.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  123. Dany says:

    I have installad the plugin jcarousel in my wordpress installation.

    Where can I find code to realize the example in this page ?
    small image at the bottom e big image above sliding ?

    Thank you in advance

  124. Ben Linford says:

    Awesome work.
    Thanks for this.

  125. Garth says:


    Is it possible to move the thumbnails to the right of the main image? and possible have 2 or 3 columns..


  126. amanda says:

    Is it possible to get the thumbnails to the right of the actual image?
    instead of below…


  127. riasaursurex says:

    Along w/ a few others who have asked, I’d like to not use wrap: ‘circular’, but if you change it in the .php file to one of the other options, it doesn’t work properly then. Does anyone have a solution to this?? Please help. Thanks

  128. I wish to add this gallery on my site.. pls give tutorial

    1. I wish to add this gallery on my site.. pls give tutorial

  129. sebastien says:

    Thank you so much Joen.

    No question, no demand. Just wanted to say that you rock !

  130. Gopal Raju says:

    The plugin is just what I was looking for…. Just one question: How do I remove the wordpress “featured image” from the carousel?

  131. Bobby Noonan says:

    So, I’ve read every comment here. I’ve triend uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ve tried everything…When I add the [gallery] tag to my Pictures page, nothing happens. It just shows the images as they would normally. I do not see a carousel. I’d really like to get this working, because everyone else seems to like it!

    Please help

  132. stck says:

    Hey Joen,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a video for a slide.
    Instead of calling the url of the image, you call an iframe from for exemple. Is this feasible you think?

  133. Tom says:

    Very good gallery. I used this one on
    Thank you very mach.

  134. rob says:

    Here you can find a Carousel Gallery, with install instructions for WordPress: .I am using it on my website and I am very pleased with it.

  135. crawpdx says:

    Great plugin- I had a troubleshooting question. I had the galleries working great on a development site and when I took that site live, the gallery thumbnails show up but the main image is missing. Have you ever seen that before?

    I tried deleting and re installing the plugin with the same result. Is there a DB table I need to delete before re installing the plugin?

    The site is

    Thanks for any help

    1. crawpdx says:

      For anyone that is interested- the plugin works great in all browsers except ie8. The thumbnails appear “smushed” so I used this CSS to fix it. (you have to have the browser specific css jquery plugin installed to do this)

      .ie .carousel-controls a{

    2. crawpdx says:

      There was a conflicting plugin so this was not an issue. Thanks for the great plugin.

  136. werner says:

    Just a quick tip: to get rid of the featured image replace the following code.

    $attachments = get_children( array(‘post_parent’ => $id, ‘post_status’ => ‘inherit’, ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’, ‘post_mime_type’ => ‘image’, ‘order’ => $order, ‘orderby’ => $orderby );

    $attachments = get_children( array(‘post_parent’ => $id, ‘post_status’ => ‘inherit’, ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’, ‘post_mime_type’ => ‘image’, ‘order’ => $order, ‘orderby’ => $orderby, ‘exclude’ => get_post_thumbnail_id()) );

    cu werner

  137. mariam says:

    the plug-in worked fine until a couple weeks ago. now all I get is the tumbnails, not the real imag. strange: working normal on older posts. does anyone know what to do?
    thx & rgds

  138. albert says:

    the plug-in worked fine until a couple weeks ago. now all I get is the tumbnails, not the real imag. strange: working normal on older posts. does anyone know what to do?
    thx & rgds

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