The Incredible Hulk (2008) Mini-Review

Bruce Banner, changed by an experiment gone awry, now lives in exile in Brazil. As he is meditating and searching for a cure to his rage-induced transformations, General Ross hunts him tirelessly, hoping the green Hulk is the key to reviving a World War II era bio-force project.

Back when I first heard they were rebooting Ang Lees Hulk, I was quite disappointed. Having now seen the result, I have gained an understanding of what Marvel is trying to do; they’re trying to establish a unified Marvel movie “universe”, one in which both Hulk and Iron Man co-exist. We’re alluded to this not only with a Tony Stark cameo but with plenty of little tidbits comic fans will recognize. The possibilities are intriguing, with promises of even more tie-ins with upcoming Iron Man sequels, Thor and Avengers movies. The big question remains, was it worth rebooting Hulk at the expense of a true Ang Lee sequel? No, it wasn’t.

The Incredible Hulk is a dreary affair. It’s long, odd and considering the amount of action, surprisingly dull. The final battle between Hulk and The Abomination is anti-climactic. I can’t tell whether the movie takes itself too seriously, or whether the director simply lacked vision. In any case, Hulk completely lacks the charm that made Iron Man into a very watchable movie. You’ll soon forget this one.

On a sidenote, the music is not as bad and forgettable as I’d expected. While it’s not as good as Danny Elfmans theme (as usual), it’s unique and rather alright. This accounts for one of the two stars.