Joystiq 3.0 Usability Mini-Review

Gamer website Joystiq has just been redesigned. The main purpose of the new design was to reunite the brand that had bled out through various platform specific subsites.

The design is decent, a minor improvement that keeps the blue, white and orange brand colors, while tightening things up. Pity to see the logo all glossed up, when “plain” would have been preferrable. Uniting the subbrands was a good idea, it’ll lessen the feeling of redundancy. While pulldown menus are generally a nono, I’m liking them in their incarnation here; they unclutter truly tertiary info to those who want to explore. The search feature is skinned, which is always a bad idea, but at least the background in the search box is white and the placement is logical. It’s interesting to see the “4 good stories” feature area right at the top of the blog, I’ve seen that on Lifehacker as well. The next big blog thing?

2 thoughts on “Joystiq 3.0 Usability Mini-Review”

  1. Vindberg, A. says:

    Another misstep: Their tabs to the right at “What you’re missing from: Xbox, Playstation, ..” are not giving the tab feeling 🙂

    Nice short review Joen.

    1. Joen says:

      Ah right, good point. I was about to say that that didn’t matter since they didn’t behave like tabs — real tabs have instant effect — and then upon clicking I discovered they do have instant effect. Just means you’re right.

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