How to fix the broken latch on your last-gen Macbook Pro, which is why your lid won't close


If the lid on your last-gen Macbook Pro won’t close, the cause is probably a stuck latch. A clever gentleman on the Apple support forum has invented an ingenious toothpick trick, which can help you fix this problem. We’re told that pushing the small metal pins inside the two rectangular holes just below the trackpad, you’ll eventually hear a liberating “click”, and for most people that should be it.

For me it didn’t work, until I pressed the metal pins while the Macbook was upside down. This leads me to believe that the cause of the broken latch is some cruft that’s stuck between the edge of the Macbook and the depressed latch mechanism, as I’ve tried to illustrate. Let me know if it works.

6 thoughts on “How to fix the broken latch on your last-gen Macbook Pro, which is why your lid won't close”

  1. Dave Child says:

    No luck yet, but I’m going to keep at it. Good to know other people have managed to sort this out!

    1. Joen says:

      Ack, and I thought I had it all figured out. I hope you’ll manage to fix it.

  2. I love my magnetic latching mechanism, and I am quite sold on the whole “unibody” aluminum slab feel.

  3. Anne Haley says:

    WOW! This worked like a charm!!
    Wish I had found this sooner…was dreading going to the Apple Store, cost, etc. when in reality THEY probably do something just like this!
    I had to turn mine upside down too, just to let you know.
    I tried to find the link you posted on the toothpick forum post, but there were just comments, no instructions.
    THANK YOU for posting this!
    Great trick!

    1. Joen says:

      I’m thrilled this worked for you. I assume you found this page via Google, which is exactly who I wrote it for.

  4. John says:

    Holy crap, it worked! You COMPLETELY rock (and the picture did help a lot once I figured out its orientation).
    My employee is very happy that her laptop will close now (after a week of hilarious workarounds) … but probably not as happy as she would have been with a new MacBook Air. 🙂

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