YouTube Is Now Widescreen

From now on, you’ll now be viewing videos with black bars left and right, instead of above and below, when you view awesome videos like this one showing you being rushed to the burn-unit after a scathing insult. Fortunately, according to Google, you won’t mind having bars there, for the future is bright, and it’s in technicolor widescreen.

One for Googles to-do list: allow me to direct-link the high-quality versions that come with some videos. That, and episodes of Lost in even higher quality. I can see it happen.

4 thoughts on “YouTube Is Now Widescreen”

  1. Have you checkout out this? I noticed that now you can also link directly to a time in the video (though I forget the URI syntax for it).

  2. Joen says:

    Very interesting! So it is possible at the moment.

    What I would like, however, and I get the feeling Google is working on it, is nice and official parameters like the ones you mention they also did for time.

    Here are the current parameters:

  3. Joen says:

    Ah, that’s nice. Very clean and nice.

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