No WWW After All

Cabel writes: Japan: URL‘s are totally out. His photographic evidence is compelling. Reading it, I was reminded that I was still clinging to the www part of my web address; my prime argument was that the www is integral in saying “this is a website”. No more. If simple search keywords are the next big thing, I might as well jump on the no-www bandwagon before it’s way too late. As such, henceforth you shall find no more instances of three consecutive ws in my urls.

8 thoughts on “No WWW After All”

  1. Chris says:

    I’m surprised you hadn’t already done that. I haven’t typed “www” since… IE 4?

  2. Joen says:

    Well, since then you have been able to visit instead of — I just didn’t redirect www users. I do now.

  3. Chris says:

    Well, welcome to the 21st Century.

    Oh, and what the hell are you doing reading Cabel’s blog? You are aware he doesn’t code for heathens right?

  4. Like Chris says, “welcome to the 21st Century”.

    “WWW” – the only known acronym that takes longer to say than the words it represents. It’s archaic and definitely not needed these days.

    To be honest, it’s very rare that I type a full URL these days. Browsers tend to automatically employ the “http://” protocol, so that’s not needed and most browsers will append a “.com” automatically if it’s not entered in the address bar.

    Thus, in Safari, to get to your site Joen – I simply type “noscope” into the address bar.

    I’ve worked like this for a long time.

    Kindest regards.

  5. Joen says:

    Well, welcome to the 21st Century.

    Thanks. Now where are the hover cars?

    Oh, and what the hell are you doing reading Cabel

  6. mo says:

    good move, i was wondering when you would do it 🙂

  7. Ranjani says:

    I dunno, I still prefer the www because it does have that bit of tradition or archaic value. And at any rate, my links are either full URLs or relative links, so at that point, I’m just picking at semantics 🙂

  8. alex says:

    Can you actually have urls with Japanese characters? I think not. And if that is true would it not be much more sensible to have people find site via search so that they can use the alphabet they are accustomed to?

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