No Shop, Yes Posters

It’s grand opening day at my very first real webshop. So far, it’s entitled No Shop, but what it should really be called is me plotting posters on art canvas, packing it and sending it off to you. Because that’s what it is.


What’s that? Aren’t you already selling print-on-demand via ImageKind and RedBubble? I am, and while I have no plans to retire those services, depending on how things play out, I might stop adding stuff there. The grand idea behind a do-it-myself shop stems from asking the questions: what would I want? What would I pay for? What would Jebus do?

As much as I love the democratization driving ImageKind and RedBubble, there’s an intangible feeling to what I’m trying to do with this that those services can’t bring. I print things myself (( Lucky me, I’m sharing office with a Canon IPF700, a mindblowing plotter that does really nice art canvas prints. )), put it in cardboard tubes and send it off to where it is you live. This type of all-inhouse logistics and support lends a level of “personal” and “worthwhile” to the poster project that I find the online print-on-demand services lack.

For now, there’s still a number of unknowns; the shipping is a flat fee for everyone, but that’s likely to change once Matilda from down under orders the ten-pack. Also, right now not all posters are for sale, simply those in ISO A2 (( That’s 42×59,4 centimeters or ~16.5×23.4 inches for you Americans. )) format. Paper type is limited to art canvas, which means posters come printed on a really nice textured piece of cloth.

This is an experiment rooted in friend (mostly family, actually) requests. It’s something I’ve been doing behind the carboard scene that is this website; now that me-shop is open to people who don’t know me. If you love art-canvas posters and if you like my style, then I might have a deal for you. No posters for you.