Hancock Mini-Review

Hancock is a drunken, superpowered non-hero who feels a calling to help people but never manages to do so without wreaking his own havoc. Eventually he meets Ray, an idealistic PR guy who makes it his mission to turn around Hancocks image.

Hancock is an extremely odd movie. It tries to combine braindead superhero action with comedy and pseudo-deep themes of self-realization, purpose and awakening. Perhaps that’s theoretically possible, but it certainly didn’t work this time. Had Hancock been two movies—the action comedy and the for your consideration reel, probably at least one movie been a better for it.

Hancock has moments of mild fun and action. Watch Hancock on DVD.

One thought on “Hancock Mini-Review”

  1. Vindberg, A. says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I also felt like everything was happening too fast narratively. The revealing of his partners identity could have had a longer build-up. Overall it would probably have worked better as a TV-show.

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