Obama/Hillary 2008

American politics are fun! Say about Hillary what you will, but she’s helped make it more fun by putting up a fight. Naive idealist as I am, I’d love to see both on the bill for November. It would be like Batman vs. Superman: you know they’d fight in the beginning until they realize who the true enemy is. Penny for your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Obama/Hillary 2008”

  1. chris says:

    My favorite part of the election campaign is that Hilary Clinton and her Supporters seemed to be suffering from Heather Mill syndrome. Making crazy claims/accusations (her role in the northern ireland peace process springs to mind) in an effort to promote her as a strong and stable leader.

    There was a short story in the papers today, claiming that she lost because of sexism in the states, despite the fact she only lost the nomination by relatively small difference.

  2. Ranjani says:

    If the two can work as a unit — because they really do complement each other — I’m all for it. Otherwise, we might not win the election :/

  3. If Hillary believes any of the bullshit she’s been spouting during her campaign, I think it would be hard, if not impossible, for her to fall in line behind Obama, instead of being that annoying backseat driver you’d like to push out of the speeding car.

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