Retro Retro-Futuristic Inspiration

This saturday was spent delving through old comic-book stores in Copenhagen. Among other things, I found these gems:




This is retro retro futurism. That means it’s retro futurism from the 80ies. Storm by Don Lawrence, details the adventures of Storm the astronaut and his time-travel-gone-wrong adventures in a distant future where society has regressed into a barbarian steam-punk with oversized critters and mounts culture. Excellent.

5 thoughts on “Retro Retro-Futuristic Inspiration”

  1. Joen says:

    Added album nb. 3, which I actually didn’t find in the comic book store, but that’s beside the point.

    Unfortunately, the above three are the only ones that ever did come out in Denmark.

  2. Maarten says:

    I love those comics, i have them all in Dutch. However i stopped buying them when Don Lawrence didn’t draw them anymore. Somehow the stories don’t seem as good anymore either. Even last year a new one was released

  3. Kristian B says:

    Hmm, someone was heavily inspired by Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon.

    I like that they use the same “Heroic Proportions” model that Marvel and Burne Hogarth also use extensively… 🙂

  4. Joen says:

    Well hello Kristian, my old school friend! Good to hear from you again.

    I think you’re right on with Flash Gordon / Marvel references. In fact, reading Don Lawrences biography, it mentions a Don Lawrence period of copying Marvel Man.

    By the way, here are more great covers by Don:


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