Firefox 3 Beta 3

Arstechnica previews the most recent Firefox 3 Beta 3. A lot of polished edges, including the first taste of the new Firefox branding, the “back / forward” keyhole design—which I honestly think requires a bit of polish. That said, the thing is shaping up quite impressively. The builds I’ve tried are fast again, and Firefox 3 looks like a winner, overall. Mac users will be thrilled to know that Firefox now supports native widgets—a feat they said couldn’t be done, even though Camino did it.

6 thoughts on “Firefox 3 Beta 3”

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve been having increasingly frustrating memory issues with Firefox 2, and I’m sorely tempted to try even a beta version of Firefox 3 since it’s supposed to be so much faster and more efficient, but I’ve heard some pretty mixed reviews on the current state of the beta. Is pretty much everything working smoothly for you in beta 3?

  2. Joen says:

    I’d say don’t go beta just yet. While it’s certainly faster than Firefox 2, it is beta, and that means crashes, especially due to extension incompatibilities.

    I have also experienced quite a few memory and speed issues, but most of them were related to exiting the new Gmail UI. As it turns out, the crashes and stuff were due to a bug in Firefox 2, which caused Firebug to crash Firefox when exiting Gmail. Cryptic? Yes. Solution: turn off Firebug always, only turn it on when actually doing dev work.

  3. Nicole says:

    Ah well. I’ll continue putting up with some of the odd crashes and memory leaks I’ve been having in Firefox 2. Here’s hoping they get Firefox 3 out the door soon!

  4. mo says:

    I really like the performance in FireFox 3, i used it for about a week – even made use of a dev. extension to make my previous extensions compatible

  5. Funnily enough, Firefox 3 beta 3 (on mac) doesn’t really crash for me. I don’t use it most of the time though.

    And yes, the star-bookmarking is g.r.e.a.t.!

  6. Piers says:

    Nicole I had the same issues and Firefox 3 has much better memory usage.

    Everything works well for me, the only issues I had were when I left Firebug 1.1 enabled and Firefox 3 crashed on a few sites.

    Overall Firefox 3 Beta 5 is working well

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