Small Status Update On The State Of Things, Plus More

Silence is golden. Consider that my holiday present for the lot of you: busy times call for a silent Noscope. Contrary to what I planned all along, I’ve actually had work to do in my first month of freelancing. So much that I haven’t had much time for anything else. That’s good.

Coacheye is my first real client project. As is visible in my client portfolio, Coacheye was a fine site already—my job was to simply realign a few gears and spokes, grease the engine and make it all usable like. Great project, great result.

As a favor to an old friend, I’ve made a “digest” tab on the face of Noscope. He was right all along, of course: removing the journal entirely from the homepage wasn’t necessarily a good idea. An extra tab, though, seems to work. But only if it’s cookied: so now it’s cookied.

Noscope moved servers a few days ago. So did ComicWiki, a danish comics lexicon that’s growing out of control. What was technically started by me as an experiment is now legally the property of thousands of nerdy danes, daily. Nerdy danes in the best possible way: really really, really intelligent, so intelligent that they don’t even brag about it. Did you, for instance, know that Han Fucking Solo frozen in carbonite was quite possibly inspired by The Empire of a Thousand Planets, a french comicbook where the protagonist is petrified into a plastic substance? Me either, but that’s damn cool, and it is the work of investigatory nerds.

Of course not all is well in the migration of a server, and most always “foreign characters” are lost in a transition, even if we all use UTF-8 religiously. Note to self: get SSH access and use mysqldump in the future.

WP Super Cache works well. There are still issues where a cached version of a post isn’t refreshed upon posting a comment. This is further complexified by the fact that logged in users will see one version, cookied users another version, and stray users a third. Donncha: great work man. Could that be made an option? Top of my wishlist: clear post cache for all users when anyone posts a comment. Here’s a promise of a free print if you build that in.

That brings me to prints. More than one (two, actually), have asked me whether I sell prints of the artwork I’ve done on Noscope. The answer is yes! I want to! One of these days I’ll be asking you, esteemed reader, all manner of highly personal questions regarding the setup of such a business. Stay tuned.

Finally, I’d like to thank Stumblers for submitting my Creating Smoke In Photoshop From Scratch tutorial to Stumbleupon for great effect. It’s accounted for 83% all visits for the month of November, which comes to 48,845 pretty individuals. Stumbleupon is now my favourite site in the world. After Wikipedia. And after the Google sites.

8 thoughts on “Small Status Update On The State Of Things, Plus More”

  1. That’s strange. All users should see the same content, regardless of their status.

    Are you using the internal WP cache? Even that should be refreshed but ..

    If you would, try this: visit a post as an anonymous user, verify that the super cache creates the static file, then leave a comment. Is the static file updated on the filesystem?

  2. Joen says:


    I’ve responded to you with lenghthy details in an email. Thanks for your personal investment in this, and I’d like to point out that if it wasn’t for WP-Super-Cache, I would have switched from WordPress a long time ago. So I’m saying this out loud, publicly: I still think WP-Super-Cache is the best thing to happen to WordPress since the fork from b2.

  3. Jonas Rabbe says:

    Must admit that I have the journal bookmarked, but I guess I have to start using the digest now that you created it especially for me.

    One comment on the digest, however, I just opened the digest, and it didn’t show the newest entry (the newest in the digest is the Indiana Jones entry). I don’t know if that was what Donncha was commenting on, but it does seem like a cache issue (refreshing doesn’t work – which wouldn’t make sense anyway since it is a long time since I visited the digest anyway).

  4. Jonas Rabbe says:

    After commenting my comment didn’t show up, could have been either moderation or cache, so I didn’t fret. Then I went back to the digest and it had updated with the newest entry (this one) and my comment was shown in the activities. When I wanted to go and update my comment with those observations, however, it wasn’t on the entry page (hence the new comment).

  5. Joen says:

    Must admit that I have the journal bookmarked, but I guess I have to start using the digest now that you created it especially for me.

    It’s not for you alone, I just credit you for the birth of it. So you won’t hurt my feelings by not using it. Also, I plan to expand it to also digest the picture sections, but that’s still on the massive todo list.

    One comment on the digest, however, I just opened the digest, and it didn

  6. Good to hear your freelancing’s going so well!

    And not to nag, but there’s a lil’ problem with the paginated comments: I can only get to the last page of comments. Any click on [1] or [2] just takes me back to the main article page which just shows the last few comments.

    Apart from that, I’m just happy the new server makes the site so snappy!

  7. mo says:

    digest tab is genius!

    your journal is one of the coolest parts of noscope 🙂

  8. Joen says:

    And not to nag, but there

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