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Six years ago I started doing illustration-work for the heck of it. Five pieces a month kept the mind-doctor away. Come May this year, I stopped that and instead started brewing and concocting devious evil schemes: I would love nothing more than to sell you prints. Deliciously crafted and printed representations of hard work, blood and sweat, joy and misery, all rolled up into pixels ready for your interpretations. What do cows in a meadow represent to you? Well, I want to give you the chance to put up a poster in your childrens playroom and find out.

Therefore, I have questions for you, the potential buyer:

  • What size(s) would you like, and would you want those in European standards (A2, A3) or American (or both)?
  • How would you like transactions to be made: PayPal, Google Checkout, something else?
  • Circa what price range would you expect? Prefer?
    Because I know you, esteemed reader, is statistically speaking: really intelligent, I have other technical questions as well:

  • Do you know of a hosted print service?

Preferrably one which handles both transactions, prints and shipping and to which I merely need to point users via a link.

Thanks for your time, it is most appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Noscope Prints: Questionnaire”

  1. Bob says:

    I prefer Durst Lambda prints but they are very expensive and I haven’t found an affordable lambda print on demand solution.

    I did happen upon Print on demand with nice paper selections. I recently ordered a 44 inch print from them, so I’ll let you know on the quality.

  2. Joen says:

    I’ll keep Durst Lambda prints in mind, and if I find a good solution I’ll of course post about it.

    Imagekind looks promising, thanks for the bookmark. I’d love to hear about the quality.

  3. Chris says:

    size? dunna care. whatever floats your boat.

    transaction? also dunna care so long as I can use Visa on my end

    price? 20-30$ or euros, or like 8 billion dkk or whatever that crazy moon money is that you use.

    my sister keeps insisting I have nothing on my walls so whatever you come up with I’m sure I’d be happy with. I’m easy-going like that. 🙂

  4. Joen says:


    Those are all great answers. Thanks a lot. I appreciate that.

  5. 1) Standard poster size or larger. Landscape?

    2) Like Chris said: Visa on my end.

    3) 100 – 200 DKK. But depends on size and quality.

  6. Joen,

    Looking at Jason Brooks’ shop, I see that he uses A2 and A3. Those are great sizes, and likely to be dictated by the printer. If you end up using two printers, one for North America and one for Europe, their standards may differ. I’d just go with what gives the best value for money in a given situation.

    As you can also see Jason charges rather a lot. Given that you’re not quite as famous yet and if your prints are not going to be of a ‘limited edition’, I think about half or one thirds of the price woud be appropriate.

    If you could sign them you could ask more though!

    On transactions, anything that accepts major credit cards is likely to be good, and I’ve found PayPal to integrate nicely with national payment structures. I have heard bad things about (the old) Paypal, so just be careful to empty your account out regularly. Also, have a look at value added tax and if you need to charge it.

    About the print service: I’ll ask around.

  7. Bob says:

    Got my print from and I’ll have to say I was very impressed. Great print job, plus they give a variation is size and the paper was beautiful. Now I just have to get the huge thing framed!

  8. Joen says:


    I have created an Imagekind account, and I’ve ordered one of my own prints from it. Mainly to see how my pictures scale and so on. Looks like a really good service so far.

    Anyone have any experiences with Cafepress?

  9. Dodik says:

    It’s realy good service

  10. Joen says:

    I just got my print from Imagekind.

    Quality service I must say. Good paper (I chose a matte variant), great colors and extremely secure delivery in a thick cardboard tube. Even white margin all the way around. I think a slightly more glossy finish on the paper will do wonders, but Imagekind definately seems to be worth giving a shot.

    Now it’s just a matter of upscaling my old archived images properly. The test picture I did alright.

  11. That’s good to hear Joen, but I personally would love it if you just released a style book. It’ll take you a total of 1 day to make it and i think it’ll be something that creates a great keep sake. Hell dude, if you want send me the images and I’ll put it together for you and you can then just publish it.

  12. Joen says:

    but I personally would love it if you just released a style book. It

  13. Ross says:

    Hi, how to order posters with your works? They are inconceivable.

  14. Joen says:

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for your comments.

    You can order posters either via RedBubble ( or ImageKind (

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