New Thurston Moore Plus Hat Tip: Luisterpaal

Good friend and colleague Hans-Henrik tipped me towards Luisterpaal, a dutch music listening site. True try before you buy: listen to whole songs and whole albums in good quality.

That brought me to the new Thurston Moore album, Trees Outside The Academy. Fans of best-band-ever, Sonic Youth, will know that Thurston is one of the lead singers, songwriters and guitarists of said band. He previously released Psychic Hearts in 95, and all I can tell you about his new 2007 outing is this: Damn it’s good.

One thought on “New Thurston Moore Plus Hat Tip: Luisterpaal”

  1. That’s really great!

    Thanks ever so much for pointing it out to us – it’s much more convenient than amazon previews (or heck, real world stores!).

    Of course, I shouldn’t mention that it’s quite easy to record it as an mp3 from the website 😉

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