Stream of Consciousness #5

Summer feels like it is over I guess that means no more flowerbikegirls in my way only committed bicyclists no chickens only pigs as we say in project management yes so glad that course is over and that the exam went well for everyone involved then again it was never that difficult.

Mom says I should read Ulysses by James Joyce then maybe I would know how to write a stream of consciousness and not just omit all punctuation to make it all difficult well we’ll see down the road maybe there are quite a few things I want to read first.

I stopped designing things back in May or did I yes I did sad I should really start again I used to be good at it it’s good that I have a lot of ideas for things to do and design and build we’ll see how they work out diary i have something for you too so it’s not all book projects and charity ware yes the charity ware is almost done anyway.

The world is in a sad state with wars everybody hates Bush these days noone cares about those of us who despised him back when it was cool yes things can certanly change in 8 years and I thought he was a one term president we’ll see how things will change in 2008 hopefully for the better yes it really should when seen from afar we’re after all just a pale blue dot in space does it really matter?