Stream of Consciousness #4

It’s been a crazy few days. Just a little over a week ago, I laid my final touches on what would wrap up a 6 year ritual for me. Namely, monthly graphical collections of 5 themed illustrations. It’s funny how getting that out of my system feels both good and sad at the same time.

I’m pretty satisfied with how the final one turned out. It feels okay to leave it there. Even so, I’ll miss the oddities of some of my “creative nights”. It was as though grinding through the monthly 5 illustrations had gotten a certain rhythm to it. The first illustration always took the longest, it was the one that would graphically define the other 4. Number 2 and 3 were usually either really easy or really hard. 4 mostly came easy and 5 would be the last one so I always felt I had to do something extra for that one. Having worked in the design business for almost as long, I’ve learned that this rhythm, this predictability and ease with which things would flow sometimes, is rather rare. In retrospect, I think the very nature of this system: the clearly defined rules of the ritual did the trick.

There are a few things ahead for me now. I want to do a book with the installment graphics. It’ll most likely take a while—I’ll want to do it properly. I want to get Fauna out of the door (RC2 is so close now). An immediate thing for me is to update the paged installment teaser on the homepage, to not automatically look for new monthly pictures. Feels good to have a to-do list with an end in sight.

Last week I submitted a recent Photoshop tutorial to digg. I used the very same technique in my final installment; the result is most visible in illustration #3 just above the sun. While the tutorial didn’t hit the digg frontpage, it was a really interesting experience. I’ve long considered whether it was okay to submit ones own stuff, but in the end: if the content is good it doesn’t matter who submitted it. The judgment is quick and numerical. With regards to the submission process, the integration of a digg button and so on, it was all a breeze. I can only recommend this. There’s so much content on the Internet—why not throw it all into a pool and vote up the good stuff?