Flash Component: log() Debugger

Flash Log Debugger Screenshot

If you develop Flash applications, you’ll know the need to debug the code. The internal debugger is, well, internal, and sometimes it’s necessary to be able to debug outside of Flash.

Enter log(). As an external/embedded alternative to Flash’s built-in trace() function, log() does exactly the same, but in a debug-window you drag onto the stage from your component panel. Log instantiates prior to frame 1, so it’s ready to receive debug information right from the start. It’s there when you compile the movie, so you can debug even after you’ve exited Flash. It’s scalable like any window, it’s scrollable and draggable. You can even add a password so it’s hidden until you type in your magical debug password.

Install log() Debugger Flash Component 2.1


  • Use log(mystring) to send debug info to Log, just like you would using trace()
  • Resize the window by dragging the bottom right corner
  • Double-click the header to collapse
  • Optionally, set password in the component parameters panel

This component replaces / deprecates the previous log that was available in my Snippets Component Pack.

Note: You’ll need the Macromedia Extension Manager to install components, but if you have Flash installed, you probably have the Extension Manager already.