Representing "Elsinore" in Adobe's Flash Tenth Anniversary

Browsing to 1999 of Adobe’s lavish Flash Tenth Anniversary presentation reveals a tiny red glowing dot hovering above the Danish coastal city of Elsinore. Sure enough, “Turtleshell” it says, which is of course referring to my archaic 1998-1999 website.

Ironically, this presentation website takes forever to load, reminding us all of the early days of abusive Flash web-design. For those of you who do not care to wait, I have put up some screenshots on my Flickr site (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2).

2 thoughts on “Representing "Elsinore" in Adobe's Flash Tenth Anniversary”

  1. Hehe…must have really made an impression then!

  2. Joen says:

    I suppose it did, which of course makes me mighty proud. It’s funny to look at today, because it’s the type of site that annoys me quite a bit, and I usually never navigate past the intro.

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