9 thoughts on “Clinton Smacks Down Fox News”

  1. Jonas Rabbe says:

    Watch John Stewart’s reaction to the medias reaction to Clinton’s reaction, as always available on Youtube

  2. Joen says:

    Jon Stewart is my hero. Thanks for the link.

    It’s really interesting to see the Fox News reaction — how they’re spinning it to look like “he lost it” when he in fact makes more sense and speaks in more clear and distinct language than, oh say, Bill O’FuckOffAndDieReilly.

  3. Omar says:

    I love how Clinton gets all riled up and still manages to convey articulate answers. Democrapic Party needs someone to replace him desperately.

    And yes, Jon Stewart is the man.

    I love his expression when he says: “And who the fuck are you?”

  4. It might mean more if this were the first time it happened. Check out the transcript with Peter Jennings (I dare you to call him conservative) from his 2004 interview with Mr. Clinton.



    Additionally, I refer you to the following link:


    Clinton is many things, but he certainly did not win here.

  5. Joen says:

    Clinton is many things, but he certainly did not win here.

    I understand your viewpoint, but to me there are several things that keeps me on Clintons side:

    • He stood up to Fox News, a “news” station that claims to be “fair and balanced” while spewing most unimaginable conservative propaganda I’ve yet to see.
    • He got his points across. A pity the media chose to focus instead on the way he got them across.
    • While his rhethoric might not befit a president, he is president no more, and as such I respect that he didn’t just play “good dog”.

    By “did not win here” you may refer to the fact that he could have accomplished more by playing it cool. If that’s what you mean, then maybe you’re right. Then again, this could’ve been twisted as unwillingness to defend himself, or weakness.

    As for the other two links you sent, I still respect his ways.

  6. Joen says:

    Was sent this video:

    Fox News spins the interview

    It’s mindboggling to see how Fox News manages to completely distort the contents of the interview. You’d have to be a fucking moronic bastard idiot to believe any of the craptacular bile spewn from that piece-of-shit “news” network. How that channel has any viewers at all is either a testament to successful brainwash or a testament to unbelievable stupidity. As long as that network exists it’s no wonder the eagles can stay in office.

  7. Whether or not he won, depends on if you think his actions were intentional or not. Additionally, I don’t think the network spin on Fox is worse than any other channel, though I’m certainly not justifying it (granted, at least CNN and MSNBC don’t claim to be “fair and balanced”). The links I posted were based on the full interview, not the Fox clips and while you attack Fox’s methodologies, they’re certainly no different than the other stations “news” stations. I don’t think the problem is with Fox per se, I think the problem is that the overwhelming majority of people just eat what is shoveled into their mouth without ever giving it a critical thought. People on “the left” are just as bad.

    I’m not at all concerned with Clinton standing up to the 600lb. news gorilla, rather I’m stunned that his arguments were fraught with mistruth (“nobody new Al Qaeda existed in 1993.” Riiiiiight.). It seems that his perception of the events that occurred during his presidency greatly differs from other facts. That’s my only interest in this.

  8. I saw it, read the transscript and agree with Jon Stewart: The facts he layed down are what it should be about.

    Good to see him set things straight.

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