Game Rules as Commercial Messages

The Titoonic website has been revamped with a brand new section, “Articles”, where employees detail their trade, tricks and secrets. The first installment details game design, specifically with regards to advergames. From Game Rules as Commercial Messages:

If I hurl myself out of the window in my apartment, I expect to fall to the ground. And as I live on the 5th floor, I will most probably die. This, however, is not necessarily the case in computer games. In the new Xbox 360 shooter Prey, for instance, I am able to walk upside down on the ceiling. And should I die, I will be able to return.

A major part of the fun in computer games is figuring out what the rules are.

We can use this if we have a complex message to deliver. Banks, credit institutions or insurance companies for instance may have more complex products; there may be a lot of subtleties that the consumer has to learn. And as it takes time to learn about the products, we also need to keep the attention of the audience.

A branded version of Pac-Man won’t cut it.