CCleaner Cruft Cleaner

CCleaner, a.k.a. CrapCleaner for Windows is a tiny application which does just that, cleans crap from your system. That means “fixing issues in the registry” , removing stray temp files and useless installers, clean cache and so on. Upon first run it cleaned 500 mb off my system, a system I thought fairly optimized.

If you’re a Windows user, this’ll speed up your system. Just make sure you don’t accidentally delete all your cookies in the process, unless you actually want them gone.

5 thoughts on “CCleaner Cruft Cleaner”

  1. Long says:

    I love that thing. It works very well, it’s so quick and so small.

  2. gareth says:

    been using this for years, it is great!

  3. Joen says:

    It is great, and very simple and quick. I’m glad to have discovered it.

  4. That reminds me, I need to update and run CC again!

  5. Thom says:

    I used it a while back when a non-IT person told me about it because the Geek Squad used it when cleaning his computer. I was shocked at how well it worked. Very efficient.

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