Syriana Mini-Review

Syriana is a complex story of how the oil industry stops the middle-east from developing and how the chaos of war helps keep it that way.

We follow several main characters; a CIA operative that begins to doubt the karma of what he’s doing. An oil broker recovering from a tragedy who learns of the honorable ambitions of a local prince. A Washington lawyer pondering the ethics of a merger between two oil companies. Lastly, a pakistani teenager who becomes collateral damage for this merger.

If only more films today were as politically ambitious as Syriana, we’d have a healthier landscape for political discussion. Unfortunately, Syriana is messy, overly complex and hard to follow. While the story is fairly engaging, it should be possible for the film to communicate it’s main themes and still be 45 minutes shorter.

Syriana is a good and fairly watchable movie, but ultimately it crumbles beneath it’s own ambitions.

3 thoughts on “Syriana Mini-Review”

  1. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I guess I will have to watch it, although I can probably wait until it comes on DVD after this review.

  2. Joen says:

    It’s still a good movie and worth watching, it’s just not as good as it can be. I think renting will be fine. It doesn’t “have” to be seen on the large screen.

  3. umayr says:

    Yup it is a good movie, but true gets quite complex and the suicide bombers lack charecter , they should’ve been shown more brainwashed.. it was too weak..

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