A good domain (DNS) host – Any recommendations?

I am looking for a new host for my domain names. I’m completely happy with my Armadahosting server, but UKReg, my current domain host annoys me at times.

So, any recommendations? I’m looking for these features:

  • Ability to modify name servers (DNS)
  • One account / control panel — several domain names
  • Fair prices
  • Support for .com, .org and .dk domains
  • Bonus: Ability to forward from a domain to a different server
  • Bonus: Ability to define subdomains

I’d appreciate any advice.

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  1. Chris says:

    I only have experience with Dreamhost but I can’t imagine anyone being able to better suit your requirements at a better price. Besides, a few kajillion bloggers can’t all be wrong.

    The writeup for their plans lays it all out. Incidentally, I started with what I believe was 4 or 5 gigs of storage space and I now have over 22 gigs and it didn’t cost me a dime. Every week your disk space just increases.

    I’d list all the nifty things but I think you know how to read. Just scanning quickly I believe they offer all the things you list as wants for $7.95 (49.95kr) per month.

  2. Joen says:

    Great feedback, thanks.

    Question though, since I’m already lazy and just asking everyone here: do you have to rent a server with Dreamhost? Or is it possible to use only their domain hosting features?

  3. You could go with us – I don’t know for sure if we support .dk though, but we should.

    I’ll go and check 🙂

  4. Media Temple. Hands down, no questions asked (and I know for a fact that they can set you up with a very favorable deal).

  5. Joen says:

    James AkaXakA said:

    You could go with us – I don?t know for sure if we support .dk though, but we should.

    I?ll go and check 🙂

    “Us”? You guys keep surprising me.

    Michael Heilemann said:

    Media Temple. Hands down, no questions asked (and I know for a fact that they can set you up with a very favorable deal).

    I am seriously considering MT for my server, but right now the problem is not the server… it’s the domain hosting… Gee maybe I’m using the wrong words here. Ideally I would have the so-called “domain host” take care of ONLY my domain name(s), and be able to – via a control panel – update DNS info to point to my own server(s) and so on.

    Damn, just tried MT… it seems they don’t support .DK domains…

  6. Joen says:


    This looks like something I might be able to use… Any experiences with this ?

  7. Maarten Leewis says:

    My favourite hosting is TextDrive. The link is to a limited time offer, which is really great. I’m very happy with their service. Just check it out.

    You can’t change your DNS there though, i use GoDaddy for that. All the rest you can do with TextDrive…

  8. Nnyan says:

    Do you mean a web hosting company (where you’re going to store and serve your web files)? Or a Registrar (where you register your domain name and control the DNS of your domain)?

    Hosting Bluewho.com and registrar godaddy.com.

  9. Ari says:

    Never posted here before, but was looking for a good phot gallery program, found zenphoto…found you…found your question about needing a new host. try 000domains.com maybe. I use them and like them. read the posts on my site and/or listen to my podcast to get a better idea. i like your site. nice header. is this all wordpress?

  10. Alex says:

    I use Textdrive to host stuff [they rock!] and registerfly for the DNS management as they are cheap, quick and offer good support.

  11. Thom says:

    I was going to recommend Godaddy, too, but it seems they don’t support .dk domains.

    I’m guessing you really just want DNS services. In that case, I haven’t used any of those free DNS servers in years – but the Public DNS Service worked very well when I did need it.

  12. I use Name Cheap. I’ve never had a problem with it, and there is quite a few nice features!

  13. Well, I’ve checked, and we can do all that – except the dk bit (for now) as there are seperate requirements for the privilege of hosting dk’s…


    This looks like something I might be able to use… Any experiences with this

    Could be good, but I don’t know if their dns propagates through the main root servers properly. Also, they might not be allowed to host dk either.

  14. Joen says:

    I found a solution that works for me:


    Thanks for the help guys.

  15. brendan says:


    For domain registration, try godaddy. They have a basic but efficient DNS management tool – which allows for singular or multiple DNS changes. If you want good DNS administration above and beyond what godaddy provide, try zoneedit.

    I use both so thus feel as though I can recommend them. Dreamhost are a great web hosting company, as are Media Temple, the latter particularly if you’re after a quality service.

  16. Bubber says:

    I have Dreamhost for several of my sites and also some friends and families, and it works fine for me.

    If I HAD to change, I think I would go with MediaTemple.

    But the support and spirit behind dreamhost suit me fine. I would think that it would meet all your requirements.

    Reference back when signing up to Dreamhost, will give the person close to a year of free hosting

  17. Why not true easyDNS: http://www.easydns.com.

    They have some great packages and rates.

    The management options that you are looking for I believe they would have.

    Direct Link: http://www.easydns.com/dnsmanage.php3

    They also offer a Secondary DNS option: http://www.easydns.com/secondarydns.php3.

    Check them out 🙂

  18. Ross says:

    If your looking for a new registrar check out:




    If you need a new host then:





    Stay away from oversellers like dreamhost or mediatemple


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