WordPress 2.0 Borkage

A few days ago, I updated both my Noscope and Fauna weblogs from WordPress 1.5.2 to WordPress 2.0. The upgrade process was smooth and simple.

But it seems WordPress 2.0 wasn’t quite ready for primetime, atleast for me. The problem, I’ve tracked down, is related to the way WordPress now handles permalinks. It seems the implementation doesn’t work on my setup, which is to have my main blog in the /journal/ directory, and show only a digest on the frontpage. The result? /journal/ is now a badly designed 404 page, and conditional tags aren’t working.

How is WordPress 2.0 working for you?

14 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 Borkage”

  1. Nik says:

    Well, I can’t really comment, ‘cos I’ve gone and tried another blogging tool / cms and now I’m feeling left out!

    However.. a friend just installed WP2 ther other day and I have to say it looks well pretty damn fine. So much so I’m thinkin’ of coming back! 🙂

    And that’s even before all this Shuttle malarkey too! 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    So far, so good with the basics. I initially tried to enable the more friendly permalinks when I upgraded and immediately broke every single page on my site. I set it back to the default and haven’t dared try again.

    Everything else going fine here. Still waiting for the final release of k2 before I hack up the site, personally. Although that seems to be scheduled for, um, never.

    I had to wait a bit for upgrades to all my plugins as well, but have to say — as much as I appreciate the system — 2.0 doesn’t feel finished. If I could have resisted the temptation of upgrading I’d definitely have felt better about waiting for 2.0.1 at least, and I’d recommend that to anyone who hasn’t made the jump.

  3. Bilal says:

    Haven’t upgraded my site yet to WordPress 2.0. But I did it for couple of my friends and they feel that it’s okay, nothing too great. And it doesn’t seem finished as Rob said. I think I’ll be waiting for the next release.

  4. Joen says:


    Actually I think WP 2 looks like a mess… the problem is, it DOES have elements of shuttle, but nowhere near everything. But EE looks good too!


    2.0 doesn?t feel finished. If I could have resisted the temptation of upgrading I?d definitely have felt better about waiting for 2.0.1 at least, and I?d recommend that to anyone who hasn?t made the jump.

    Right on the money, and I would seriously urge people to do just that. WAIT.

  5. Rogier says:

    ALWAYS wait for the x.01 version. There are allmost allways bugs in a new release.

  6. Joen says:


    Yes, that’s probably true, but in the case of 2.0 it seems, more so than ever. Tho be brutally honest, I think they simply released 2.0 because they wanted it out of the door for the new year. Had they waited til it “felt right”, instead, I’d guess we were looking at a mid february release.

  7. I’m running on an SVN version, which fixed some htaccess stuff that was borking my site. Other than that, it’s not too bad. Nothing serious broke.

    I don’t like the way the admin looks right now.

  8. Joen says:


    What exactly were the problems that borked your site?

    I have tracked down the (only) problem on Noscope to be the Journal — it seems that it’s enough to bork my URLS to have the word “Journal” in the URL.

  9. Jeff says:

    My upgrade went pretty smooth. A few faults of my own (not having the last theme folder present when updating cause NO theme to show — which looks odd, as in nothing shows up at all) Other than those few minor hitches, it was pretty smooth for me.

    Not a whole lot seems to be really different too me. I’m still not using the RTE while posting — guess I’m just stuck on Textile/Markdown (or whichever I choose for that post.)

  10. khaled says:

    Yeah I’ve not actually upgraded either. Post like this one actually make me think twice about it to be honest. I might try and sort out a couple of friend’s blogs first before I dive into it, or just wait for a couple of patches first.

  11. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I guess I’ll just hold off upgrading a few weeks. I don’t have time to sit down and work on my site anyway.

  12. zachary says:

    I haven’t had too much of a problem. I think the admin is clunky, but to be honest, WP’s admin has never been top notch. I don’t really mind it though. I’m one of those people warped enough to derive some sort of weird pleasure out of the latest whatever-it-might-be. I view it as part of the fun.

    I have faith though. Sooner or later, there just might be a day when we all sing WP’s praises because the faults are so few. Until then, discussions like this will be the norm. It was only a year or two ago when we all wanted a more complete “theming system.”

    Now AJAX is everywhere. The day isn’t far off when the entire blog will be juiced up on AJAX and we’ll all wonder how people lived waiting for their page to refresh all the time.

  13. Yup, I’m holding off too…

  14. Ursala says:

    I just installed 2.0 on my new site and have only found it to be a pain. I can only use Firefox for certains page postings, and have to use Safari for others or else my templates get screwy.

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