9 x 4

Andrew and Dave passed on a formal invitation to join the generically addictive meme-game. In this case, nine questions with four answers to each. This is viral marketing on a non-profit weblog level. So why buy in? Because the responses are actually interesting, and are compromising personality give-aways.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

  • Mailman
  • Web designer
  • Teacher
  • A strange combination of graphic designer/art director

Four movies I can watch over and over

Four places I have lived

  • Hørsholm, Denmark
  • Lagan, Sweden
  • Ljungby, Sweden
  • Hellebæk, Denmark

Four TV shows I love to watch

  • Futurama
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • South Park

Four places I have been on vacation

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Malaysia / Singapore

Four websites I visit daily

Four of my favorite foods

  • Thai spring-rolls in peanut sauce
  • Thai deepfried spring-rolls in chili sauce
  • Pad Thai
  • Something with chili in it

Four places I would rather be right now

Four bloggers I am tagging

Tagee, if you’re reading this, I am not doing it to annoy you. I only expect to read and possibly laugh at your answers.

If, for some uncanny reason you have not been invited but still want to partake, here’s a generic invitation to all of you. Send me a pingback and you’ll get free traffic (a whole 2 visitors).

17 thoughts on “9 x 4”

  1. It’s actually 34 visitors/day (from the css positioning article) – though my link seems to be everywhere on the page.

  2. Rogier says:

    Hehe, we’ve had the same jobs (except for the teaching part that is, although I do teach my colleagues a lot about semantics :P). And mailmen are cool 🙂

  3. Joen says:

    Mailmen are cool, but I just wasn’t cut out for getting up that early. I quit the first day. It still counts though.

  4. Ha! In that case I’ve worked at the local grocery store – I was fired before my first day!

  5. Joen says:

    I was fired before my first day!

    Hahah, that so counts! Priceless.

  6. Kathan says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand as well!

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  8. Chris says:

    Alright. Done. I hope you’re happy. You’ve no idea how much pressure these things put on a person. And yet, I’d cry if people didn’t tag me. Pathetic.

  9. Nik says:

    All done sir! and you know what.. it was quite fun! 🙂

  10. Joen says:


    I want to LIVE there 🙂


    Beautiful stuff! Oh, and about that tagging stuff… The last meme I did, I promised myself I wouldn’t tag any, just give an openended invite. But this one was too good to let go: I simply had to hear your lists.

    Here’s the promise again: the next meme I join will be snipped of any viral marketing efforts, and have only a generic invitation.


    Your site keeps “loading” and never shows… When this happens to me it usually means my statistic program doesn’t know how to empty itself after x days, and has filled up my database.

  11. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I almost put Raiders on my movies list. I got the boxset right after it was released, and although I like all the Indiana Jones movies, the first one is my favorite.

    Also seems like there’s a theme in your favorite dishes. Do you make lots of thai food at home too?

  12. Joen says:

    Raiders is the best of them, although both Doom and Crusade have their unforgettable moments. Did you know Doom was actually a prequel? Look at the year dates at the very beginning of the movies. Doom is there to explain how he became “unselfish” or something.

    Also seems like there?s a theme in your favorite dishes. Do you make lots of thai food at home too?

    Yep, I figured that would show 🙂

    To be honest, no, it’s not something I eat all that often, but it did say “favourite” didn’t it? The thing is, my girlfriend makes the very best peanut sauce. Oh my god. The peanut sauce, oh my god. Oh my god the peanut sauce, oh my god.

    Yep, it’s that good.

    Oh, and I LOVE chili.

  13. Nik says:

    Ack.. It works for me, but I guess it’s broken.

    Although even worse is the fact my powerbook died yesterday! And even worse again?.. I have no backup.

    So word of the week folks is ‘Backup’! 🙂

    So now I’m re-assesing the value of all the stuff I’ve lost.. does it really matter? I had an awesome training cycle ride that day too and saw a superb sunset.. surely that’s more important.

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