Heilemann's Rolling Archives

This weekend, it seems, Michael “Binary Bonsai” Heilemann has enabled what could be called “Rolling Archives” on his website. The result is what I think is the best use of AJAX for a weblog yet. To see it, go to his website, scroll to the bottom, and click the left arrow below the “Archives” header.

It’s a relevant, very useful and immediately “pick-up-able” tool for viewing the archives. Go on: prove me wrong.

9 thoughts on “Heilemann's Rolling Archives”

  1. AkaXakA says:

    Yep, noticed those earlier…I’m digging the main archive page too

  2. Joen says:

    Wow, those too? Very cool.

    I’m not a fan of the words Folksonomy and Taxonomy though… fortunately you don’t HAVE to use them so they don’t detract from the experience.

  3. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I really like. The only thing that bugs me a teeny bit is that the “archives” title down there at the bottom isn’t a link to the archives page. Would make sense to me.

  4. Chris says:

    So, um, Mike, I’m going to steal this from you. Everyone should.

    Damn it.

    Joen releases Fauna, Khaled unveils Autumnal, Mike is making with the awesome AJAX use. Me? I’ve started to forget what my own site even looks like. Grr…

  5. I’ll probably package it up, but I want to improve it a bit first. One of the things I want to do, is preload the next and previous pages, to avoid loading.

    No idea when that’ll be though, so feel free to rip it, should be fairly easy.

    As for the Archives title being a link, I’m not too comformtable with that, but I’ve been meaning to throw a link in there in some form.

  6. stchatterbox says:

    Michael’s new site look is so fantastic, modern and elegant! and the features are like “magic” to me personally.

  7. Jonas Rabbe says:

    As for the Archives title being a link, I?m not too comformtable with that, but I?ve been meaning to throw a link in there in some form.

    I guess it’s just because there was no obvious link that I tried clicking on the “Archives” title (or at least check if it was a link). A link somewhere around there to the archives page would be fine.

  8. Omar says:

    Damn you Michael.

    Your blog is so good that its almost discouraging for someone like myself. I guess I need to stop judging my blog to the standards you’ve set with yours. But damn you.

    You’ll find me on the list of people who will be ripping it 😛

    At least when I get there eventually.

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