Codename: "Curveball"

Sometimes I’m wondering if people still remember the reasons why the second Iraq war was started. Especially when I see articles where Bush once again defends his stance on WMDs in Iraq.

This article also details a report on the basis for the war and goes on to say that the military “intelligence” that reported mobile bioweapons labs came from an Iraqi defector known as “Curveball” in the intelligence community. Yes, Curveball. There you have it. Mobile bioweapons labs, and ties to Al Qaeda. It seemed like a joke to me then and still does. I wonder if more people get the joke now.

7 thoughts on “Codename: "Curveball"”

  1. Honestly now, is Curveball any worse than Deepthroat? I’m not entirely surprised by this ridiculous choice of name, but I personally think you’re putting a bit too much stock into it.

  2. Joen says:

    I was referring to the context in the article:

    The report also criticizes both the CIA and the Defense Human Intelligence Service’s handling of an informer code-named “Curveball,” noting that the DHIS “demonstrated serious lapses in handling such an important source.”

  3. Jonas Rabbe says:

    Interesting coincidence, I read an article about Curveball just this morning on my way to work. The German intelligence service (BND) was the connecting link between Curveball and the US. Intelligence officers from BND are now commenting that Curveball was unreliable, probably with mental problems, right from the beginning, and that they informed the US that any information learned from Curveball would be unreliable at best (and maybe total fabrication). Needless to say they were a bit shocked when Bush and Colin Powell used the information learned from Curveball as one of the main reasons to goto war.

  4. Jonas Rabbe says:

    Just found a few articles. From the Winston-Salem Journal: Conned by ‘Curveball’ while the Christian Science Monitor has a nice roundup from different sources

  5. Joen says:

    Thanks for adding that, Jonas. It does kinda elaborate and explain my somewhat short entry.

    Essentially, the intelligence was batshit, to use my new favourite expression, and the worlds most powerful man should know that.

  6. AkaXakA says:

    Ironically yet logically, Germany were they biggest opponents of the Iraq war.

    PS. I like the term batshit.

  7. Jonas Rabbe says:

    batshit and fruitbats.

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