Sidenotes Mark 2

Introducing New Sidenotes, style. Small, insignificant and grayed out, sidenotes are insignificant themselves. They are filtered from main feeds, and they force me to write more concisely. Some call them “Asides“, I call them “Sidenotes” because they are exactly that. They’re the “by the way…” for blogging.

6 thoughts on “Sidenotes Mark 2”

  1. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I don’t know what to think about this change. It will, of course, help make the sidenotes more visible, but I’m unsure about the obstruciton of the flow of the standard page. I guess I’ll hold my final verdict a few days (at least until I’ve seen it in both IE (here at work), Firefox, and Safari).

  2. Joen says:

    I completely understand your worries, and I assure you if this doesn’t work out, they’re gone again.

    However, they’ll never return to the sidebar in the way they used to. My linklog category is dead, and if it returns, it’ll be in the form of a type linklog without comments.

    However, this new format also dictates a new form of writing. The old sidenotes were more of a linklog. This new format is less so a linklog than it is stray thoughts that are worth posting, but not worth spending too much time writing.

    Right now I’ll be giving them some time here, and I’ll be checking out how well it works.

  3. Tristan says:

    Personally, I’ve always liked this style. I think it promotes more frequent posting and more cool links and things that don’t quite demand a full write-up.

  4. Joen says:

    Yep, I think it can work. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure the concept can be tweaked to just the right level of visual importancy. So I’ll just try and get a feel for it now, and let it settle in.

    By the way, Tristan, check out the wallpaper section 😉

  5. AkaXakA says:

    Yep, I like this kottke style too. Joen’s creating the journal I haven’t had time do put together yet!

    One thing about the gray sidenotes: they’re far too light on my laptop…gotta squint to see them!

  6. Joen says:

    Glad you like it AkaXakA, I think it works pretty well.

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