2 thoughts on “Myst 5 – End of Ages”

  1. Erik from Monreal Qc says:

    Did you play Uru?

    In fact, what we are really getting for Myst 5, is unused mat?riel from Uru Live.

    From what I’ve heard thought, giving the short period of time to put the game together, Cyan had cut the corners a bit..

    Unfortunatly, I didn’t try the demo yet, I cannot open further than the first screen,
    it crashes….snif
    I have a PIII 1.3 Mhz
    NvidiaGeforce2 Mx400
    Soundblaster Audigy sound card.
    the lastest drivres are installed
    A bit old, but work just find for Uru. On the other hand, Myst 4 was a bit slow. Anyway


    I leaved in Danemark for a few month in 1997. I was in Helsingor…
    I missed the Wienerbrod ! (cannot do the slash on the O sorry.)

  2. Joen says:

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for your response! I did try Uru, and I liked it. I thought it worked well how it was realtime.

    I have a na?ve hope that one day when the 3d engines get well enough, they’ll redo all the Myst games in proper realtime 3D, especially Riven. That said, Uru gave me a bit more motion sickness than usual when playing 3D games.

    As for unused material, I wasn’t aware of that — but surely with slightly improved graphics? Hope you’ll get the demo to run, it does look very nice.

    How fun you’ve been to Helsing?r, I’ve lived there for huge chunks of my life! I went to school there!

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