A Few Changes

For a while now, I’ve done some small updates and tweaks here on Noscope. In case anyone’s interested, I’ll just shortly run through them here…


  • Preferences page updated
  • Now you can choose your external links flavor. Want them to open in new windows? Check the box.

  • Masthead chronology
  • Next / Prev. buttons on the masthead have been changed to “Older” and “Newer” to reflect the images accurate chronology. Additionally, once you’re at the newest, the “Newer” button becomes grayed. Oh, and notice the little ? – that takes you to the Colophon where more stuff is explained

  • Frontpage is now a Page
  • /, root, call it what you will. The entry page is now a WordPress 1.5 Page. The trick was made based on magic by Alex King. This makes updating things just slightly easier for me.

  • Date is right aligned
  • You might not remember it, but the small green timestamp now in the upper right corner of posts used to be below the headline. I’ve also made the headline link larger.

  • Subscribe without commenting
  • It’s also been here a while, but it’s worth mentioning. Subscribing to comments is now possible in the sidebar of posts.

  • Feeds in your flavor
  • Until today there were some small problems with my feeds, but yet again you can pick the main Journal feed with Sidenotes filtered out. Now also in other dandy formats.

  • Even larger margins
  • Following my own advice from previous posts, I’ve relaxed margins even further. Paragraphs and sub headers are now even further from each other, than… well, they used to be.

  • Update: Forgot to mention – Improved Sidenotes Archives
  • Since my “Sidenotes” (the small news bits on the front left column) are basically just entries in a category, I followed the advice of Chris J. Davis (whom I unfortunately cannot link to due to a temporary error), and his “Secrets of WP Theming” articles. One of the secrets was to present a unique template to a specific category. Hence, improved archives.

  • Update: Improved Permalink Meta
  • Meta information for permanently archived entries has been revamped. All secondary and technical information related to entries is now moved to the top of the sidebar. This includes XML links, “skip to comments” and trackback information. It was previously scattered several places, directly including below the entry.

  • Update: Added smooth anchor scrolling and “Back to top” link next to commentbox
  • With the help of Sitepoint, I added some JavaScript that will smoothly scroll you to the correct anchor when jumping between sections of a page. Additionally, just so you can test out this neatness, I added a “↑ Top” link to the left of the commentbox. This box will only appear on entries with 5 or more comments.

  • Update: Made Fauna Nocturnal the default again

Because it looks better with the current header. Preferences can be adjusted of course.

More To Come!

The Internet is perpetually under construction. So is Noscope. Some time in the future I hope to unveil, among other things, threaded comments. They took quite a bit more work than I expected. Then again, so does everything.

7 thoughts on “A Few Changes”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve only one suggestion. You’ve told me about the “subscribe to this entry” doohickey numerous times but I always miss it. Just now when you mention it again I had to search the sidebar to find the link. While this isn’t a problem for me as I usually inject myself into every friggin’ discussion and end up subscribed anyway this may not be true for those lurkers.

    I’m thinking the link might be more visible and more often utilized if it were placed at the end of the entry. I’d suggest aligned right to the “Filed in $category” space.

    My usability thinking on this being that when I read a site I rarely ever scroll back up. Also, I pay minimal attention to sidebars. This is likely because I’m here for the main content, I start reading, I scroll down, I get to the bottom and that’s when I’m thinking, “I’d like to comment” or “I’d like to keep up with other’s comments.”

  2. I don’t see the ‘subscribe, but don’t leave a comment’ box/button.

  3. Joen says:


    bq. I’m thinking the link might be more visible and more often utilized if it were placed at the end of the entry. I’d suggest aligned right to the “Filed in $category” space.

    Well, I disagree, respectfully 🙂

    I’ve been through that line of thought, and for a short while the subscribe without commenting feature has been there.

    I ultimately placed it in the sidebar, partly discussing it with my colleague and fellow usability afficionado, Peter. The reason being: It is secondary information / a secondary feature. Additionally, regular commentators will more likely use the checkbox related to the comment area, while people seeking means to subscribe are likely looking elsewhere: the sidebar is our guess. Reminds me I have to move the Comment XML feed over there too.

    Another reason is, that area down there simply became too crowded, and placing a “subscribe without commenting” feature, when a “subscribe to comments” checkbox was already present, would ultimately confuse, I think.

    I do understand your reasoning though.


    The comment box is invisible when you’re already subscribed.

  4. Thom says:

    I’m glad you updated the feeds. I like keeping the journal entries and links separate in my RSS reader. So thank you for making my aggregator that much tidier 🙂

  5. Levi says:

    I quite like the smooth anchor scrolling, really adds something to the site. Nice work, Noscope is getting sexier all the time!

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