Monday Greens


Some days are better than others. For me, this Monday was one of the better.

Despite not being able to sleep until 3 o’clock last night, it took only till some 9.30 o’clock this morning for things to turn from the Monday Blues to the Monday Greens.

  • I got Star Wars tickets
  • Three of them. Good seats in the digital cinema of Imperial, the day after the May 19th premiere.

  • 4 x Valerian
  • I managed to pick up no less than 4 Valerian albums. Valerian (or in danish: Linda & Valentin) is an excellent comic-book series which I have just started collecting. Among these 4 albums were the much sought-after #1, although in a not so excellent condition.

  • Noscope May is out of the door
  • Well, image 4 needs a little touching up, but still it means there’s almost a month till I have to start thinking again.

  • It’s spring!

Although it rained in Copenhagen today, it was the sort of rain & thunder that means winter is gone for good (or at least for half a year). Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

And so, to celebrate this turn of events, I present to you these three spring/summer/greenery-themed wallpapers:

  • Greenery
    Available in 1600×1200 & 1280×1024

6 thoughts on “Monday Greens”

  1. Jonas Rabbe says:

    It was a good day, you could really start feeling the spring. Today, however, is even better. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and you can feel the heat of the sun (which is why I’m sitting indoors in front of my computer?)

  2. Joen says:

    Indeed, it’s been great weather today. Sadly I’ve also been caught behind the desk, but cycling to work today was surprisingly summer-ish.

    About damn time too.

  3. Jonas Rabbe says:

    About damn time too.

    You said it

  4. Nik says:

    Having just got back from some much needed time on the beach watching the waves in Cornwall, this entry was a breath of fresh air from the rest of the blogs I browse…

    The dandelion photograph is beautiful, and significant to something I’m working on here. Was it flashlit?

    …and tell me the flower photograph had a visit to photoshop?! The colours are amazing! That Ixus is still delivering the goods!

  5. Joen says:

    Thanks a lot Nik, I’m glad you like it.

    The dandelion was not flashlit, but if I remember correctly that particular photo was a “setup”. There was no dandelion there, so I held it in my hand in front of some grass and photographed it.

    And no, the flower has been nowhere NEAR Photoshop, I swear! I think perhaps I’ve adjusted the white balance on the Ixus just a little bit towards the warm, but other than that – nada. Edit: The last photo, the one from the forest, was a short trip into Photoshop to change the overblown sky from white to slightly yellow.

    On the topic of cameras, I’m seriously considering the Canon EOS 350D. I’ve been saving for a while now, and it might just be the next toy.

  6. Jonas Rabbe says:

    On the topic of cameras, I?m seriously considering the Canon EOS 350D. I?ve been saving for a while now, and it might just be the next toy.

    I recently got the D70 (a review is needed, but I guess I’ll just forward you to Digital Photography Review the site for reviews of digital cameras).

    In my quest I looked at both the EOS 300D, the D70, and the EOS 350D which came out shortly before I got my camera. The thing that struck me about mostly the 300D, but to some extent also the 350D, is that it feels flimsy. I was afraid I was gonna break it. The D70 feels so much more sturdy, and I don’t need the extra pixels of the 350D.

    What it all comes down to, IMHO, is how you feel about it. As I said I felt the Canons felt flimsy, and I liked the controls of the D70 (you hold the appropriate button and turn either the primary or secondary control wheel depending on the function).

    The thing that really swung me though was the offer Bingo Photo had, the D70 with two lenses (a really nice 18-70 mm f/3.5-4.5 and a 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6) and a SB600 flash for just over kr. 10.000,-. I thought that was a bargain.

    Of course Nikon decided to release the D70s less than a month after I got mine, but they’re kind enough to offer a firmware update mid-may which gives the D70 some of the features of the s-model such as faster auto-focus and improved menu design.

    Granted, the 350D is a great camera and you should go with the choice that makes sense to you. For me, the choice was the D70.

    Sorry for the post of Chris’ish proportions, but as you can tell I have a lot to say about cameras. Now if only I could find the perfect solution for my pictures once they are on my laptop, but I guess that’s an entirely different discussion.

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