6 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Suite 2”

  1. khaled says:

    Eh, I’m a Freehand monkey myself, what’s the difference between the illustrator live trace option and the trace option in freehand? If the answer is nothing much, then I personally can’t wait for Freehand Mx 2005 to come out since it seems it’s one step ahead…oooh contraversial :).

  2. Anders Rask says:

    The new CS2 package sure does look like a whole lot of good news. Live Trace and Live Paint are the most noticeable to me.

    But something that annoys me is Adobe’s policy of complete silence. The release of CS2 and the features therein came as a total surprise. I know a company who just purchased a number of a third-party tracing plug-in at a great cost, when it sounds like Live Trace is probably the better option. And the company making the tracing plug-in is probably toast now – which, hey, is the way of the world, but it would probably have been nice if they had had better time to change strategy.

  3. AkaXakA says:

    If the icons are anything to go by CS2 should be pretty darned good. I just wonder if it’s worth the upgrade though.*

    • Though technically I could still win it via the designbyfire.com recoding contest.
  4. Jonas Rabbe says:

    For the photography tools I guess I’ll “have” to upgrade. Although I’ll probably spring for photoshop alone, maybe the bridge if it’s available alone with photoshop.

  5. Joen says:

    If the answer is nothing much, then I personally can?t wait for Freehand Mx 2005 to come out since it seems it?s one step ahead…oooh contraversial :).

    Ack, I’ll throw in the towel.

    Freehand is better. I just end up in Illustrator anyway. There are just some things that I like better about how it works, it’s entirely irrational. It’s like Corel DRAW and Corel Painter as well. Excellent apps by all standards, but I still end up in Photoshop.

  6. kj says:

    I saw Vanishing point demo’d at Photoshop World in March. I think it’s a great eye candy demo piece… but for day-to-day usefulness, nah. Depends on your line of work.

    In my graphic design work, it’s not that often that I have need to match perspective to the degree that this tool takes it. Handy, yes. But frequent user, not here.

    Granted, if you’re doing video/film work, this tool would ROCK in After Effects. 😉


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