Once again following the tracks of Michael “Kubrick” Heilemann, I have implemented a form of noteworthy functionality, albeit a bit simpler in the way it works. Quite simply, it’s a category.

This category serves a number of purposes.

First of all, it’s a way for me to tag entries I put extra effort into writing, so that I can go back and see what went right (or wrong). This is part of one of my mantras: “surround yourself with your best work”. It’s all a matter of building on your own experience, rather than reinventing the spoon every time.

Secondly, it adds value to these entries and separates them from the flock.

Finally, it’s an easy and comfortable way for new viewers/readers to see the gist of what my Noscope is about.

Did I miss anything?

4 thoughts on “Noteworthy”

  1. Will you be implementing those funky heart icons as well?

  2. Joen says:

    Well, I forgot to mention my solution is not nearly as elegant as Michael’s, so no, I won’t be able to implement them.

    Furthermore, it would conflict a little bit with my using sIFR for headlines (although this would be doable if the heart-icon was right-aligned).

  3. You are able. <?php if(in_category(99)) {, wherein you replace 99 with the ID of the Noteworthy category.

    …Unless I’m very much mistaken.

  4. Joen says:

    Hmm. Right, that’s true. I suppose it’d be even easier to do using Kitten’s Categories. Thanks for the tip.

    However, I won’t be doing that. I’ve already stolen more than my share from Michael :), and I’m pretty satisfied with the way it works now. I suppose I might just add a dedicated special area to the archives section or something.

    Edit: No, it wouldn’t be easier to use Kitten’s Categories since that feature is built into WP 1.5.

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