2 thoughts on “Sorry World (We Tried)”

  1. george says:

    I just want to say that America spoke loud and clear!! It goes to show that the socialist, communist, leftist agenda is a small minority with a loud voice – the media. If you read the communist manifesto, you will see the similarities.

    I just came back from Iraq and I would go again if called. I love this country and I would give my life for it’s freedom. I have met our great President and he will keep this Nation free and He will protect it’s identity.

    So, America spoke and the liberal’s are left to whine and cry. Oh, Well……

  2. Joen says:

    Thanks for voicing your opinion. I find that brave, considering you probably know where I stand.

    Of course I disagree with you completely.

    War is old men talking and young men dying. I respect fighting for the just cause, and some wars are necessary, but in my opinion, this war has yet to be proven necessary. Young men shouldn’t die unnecessarily.

    “Communist, leftist, socialist agenda”. Sigh. Communist is french, derived from the word “commune”, which means “to share”. Communism is about sharing everything with everyone, everyone being equal. It is derived from Socialism, which Karl Marx defined, as essentially the same. On paper, I cannot find anything wrong with this, quite the opposite. What’s wrong with “all men are created equal, and deserves equally”, which is at the core of socialism? I do not know.

    I will say that there are countless reasons communism did not work. In part, it was due to the wrong interpretation of it by Lenin and Stalin. Seeing that the “world revolution” did not come, they “extended” that which is communism, and it essentially turned it into a dictatorship.

    But when you throw out words like “socialist, communist, leftist agenda”, please speak as though you know what it means.

    Now that you throw up the ball, it’s actually easier to compare the Bush rise to power, with fascist regimes of the 1940ies rise to power.—Play on peoples fears (of terrorism), find a scapegoat for all the countries problems (terrorists), limit personal freedom (Patriot act), and have nationalism (patriotism) being equal to not asking questions.

    On one part, I do agree with you. America spoke loudly, more so than it has for many years. You should be proud so many people decided to vote, this year (I wonder why they suddenly felt the urge?). A clear voice, on the other hand, I do not see that. Bush won the 2004 election with the same hair thin margin that he lost the 2000 election.

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