Du & Jag Döden

Swedish synth-rock band Kent, is scheduled to release a new album. From the official site:

Den 15 mars 2005 kommer Kents nya album att släppas. Skivan bär titeln ‘Du & jag döden’.

Roughly translated, that means that the 15th of March 2005, Kent’s next album—”Du & jag döden” will be released. “Du & jag döden” translates to “You & me death”.

Kent, probably best known for their latest ‘Vapen & Ammunition’, is one of my favourite bands, ever. I also mentioned this, before.

I, for one, cannot wait.

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  1. Martin says:

    Hello there,

    Regular reader, first-time commenter here.

    Hmm, I haven’t yet heard Kent, But I’ll check’em. I’m initially put off by the name, I must admit – it’s hard to get excited by bands names after British counties. 😉 It’s quite astonishing how they (a band, after all) can be so specific about a release date that’s really quite far off at this point. What if they suddenly decide to remix the blighter in the meantime?

    Speaking of such things… what I really want to know is when the next Boards of Canada album is going to be released. Surely not this year now, as originally promised. Ah, but waiting for any word from them at all is just par for the course.

  2. Joen says:

    Hehe, yeah, the bands name also put me off for quite a while. That is, until I checked out their music. They’ve actually also made english language album versions of their “Isola” and “Hagnesta Hill”… none of them really good though. I recommend the Swedish vocal ones. Check out my other article on Kent for some track suggestions.

    I too, find it strange to have such a specific release date. But I know, that they’ve been working on it for a long while, I guess the album is really done some month ahead, or something, and the date is perhaps strategic for sales maybe.

    As for Boards of Canada, I’ve actually never heard them, but more than one friend has recommended it! I simply have to check it out soon.

  3. Jonas Rabbe says:

    First time I noticed Kent was on a drive to our summer house in Sweden a while back with the radio suddenly blasting out this distinctive whistling. The tune, which I now know is “Dom Andra” caught me right away. I have since heard other songs from Vapen & Ammunition, most notably “K?rleken V?nter” which really sticks in your head. The entry you wrote on Kent really helped me open up to more of their music. Now I’m looking forward to Du & jag d?den too.

  4. Joen says:

    Glad it did! Fact is, it took a long while before I really “got in” to Kent, but once I did, it quickly got under my skin. Vapen & Ammunition is a masterpiece, but my favourite of their records must be Isola and B-sidor. They are definately worthy of purchase, and not very expensive due to their age.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m hoping that Du & jag d?den will be similar to the style of Isola. I’ve heard whispers that it was going to be a kind of downbeat album. I’ve really liked Vapen and Hagnesta Hill, but I still think Isola was the best album they ever put out…so lets hope.

    Either way, a new Kent album is always good stuff.

  6. Joen says:

    Anything new from Kent is good, I’ll agree with you on that. I’ll even agree that Isola is one of their best albums, if not the best.

    However, I do not think it’ll be “like Isola”. In my opinion, Isola was a logical followup to Verkligen, which in turn was a logical follow up to “Kent”. Verkligen was more rocky like the first “Kent”, but more melodic and well-made. Isola, was even more melodic—and if you’ve seen the documentary, you’ll know that many of the band members considered Kent an “indie” band in their Isola era. Jocke even said that the lyrics for Isola were purposefully “indie”, meaning they were “unimportant”, and just there for the sake of having lyrics, rather than having an actual song text.

    I do think, that “Du & Jag D?den” will have actual song text. I’ve even read somewhere that while making the album, two of Kent’s close friends died, so it’ll be a very very depressive album. To me, that does sound downbeat, perhaps even melodic, but not indie by a longshot. If anything, it sounds like CD1 of “B-Sidor 95-00”, which IMHO is a good candidate for “best Kent album ever”.

  7. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I just bought Isola in Fona today (they had several older Kent albums for kr. 99,95 ? perfect price for an album, but that’s a different discussion) and it is a good album. I don’t know about best, the style of Vapen & Ammunition speaks more to me. Now I’ll just listen the hell out of Isola and see if my opinions of it change within the near future. Already 747 is one of my absolute favorite songs, together with Chans, Dom Andre, and K?rleken V?ntar.

  8. Joen says:

    Already 747 is one of my absolute favorite songs, together with Chans, Dom Andre, and K?rleken V?ntar.

    Those are also great tracks.

    Try giving “Saker Man Ser” and “Bianca” an extra shot, they’re great. Oh, and when listening to “OWC”, keep in mind it’s very inspired by Blade Runner. (It’s short for Off-World Colonies)

  9. Bj?rn says:

    Yes, Kent is a great band. I think my favorite songs are “Socker” from “vapen och ammunition”, “Cowboys” from “Hagnesta Hill”(?) and “Om du var h?r” from “Isola”(?). By the way, the song “Dom andra” is spelled, as I wrote it “Dom andra” with an A on the end. Tou guy’s first lesson in Swedish?:) Sweden is the greatest country on earth! 😀

  10. Joen says:

    Yes, Kent is a great band. I think my favorite songs are “Socker” from “vapen och ammunition”, “Cowboys” from “Hagnesta Hill”(?) and “Om du var h?r” from “Isola”(?).

    All good choices, all songs I love.

    Sweden is the greatest country on earth! 😀

    I tend to agree 🙂

  11. Jonas Rabbe says:

    By the way, the song ?Dom andra? is spelled, as I wrote it ?Dom andra? with an A on the end. Tou guy?s first lesson in Swedish?

    Well, not the first, but the similarities with Danish means I tend to mix the two together. Maybe it’ll be better if I get that job in Malm? I’ve applied for.

  12. Fergus says:

    Well, my first post, I don’t know how you guys stand on that but since it’s Kent, I thought I would just spare a thought…

    According to people, the new Album will be a logical progression from Vapen & Ammunition so probably downbeat as well…

    As for the first single, you can get a listen at this address:


    Hope you’ll find the song as good as I do…

  13. Joen says:


    I love the new single, not to mention the B-side tracks.

    As for “downbeat”, I’m not so sure if I agree on that. Sure I think it’ll be a logical progression from V&A, but to me that doesn’t sown downbeat.

    However, I see a clear progression from Dom andra, over VinterNoll2 to Max 500. If that is indeed the direction it’s taking, it’s going to be great.

  14. Bj?rn says:

    I must say… “V?lg?rningar och illd?d” is a hell of a good song too…. But it’s not gonna be on the record right?

    @Jonas Rabbe: U Danish? My father is Danish, but I live and have grown up in Sweden…:) Yes, they are quite similiar languages. Good luck with the job in Malm? dude! 😉

  15. Joen says:

    I must say… “V?lg?rningar och illd?d” is a hell of a good song too…. But it’s not gonna be on the record right?

    I can assure you that it will not be on the record. We can, however, hope for another B-side collection eventually, but I doubt that as well.

  16. Fergus says:

    being in the UK, I can’t get the album directly… I am however going to Stockholm to see them live on 28th of May. Downbeat might not be the right term though, but if you compare it to RevoltIII (shameless plug for my favourite song here) and others, well it’s kind of more relaxed. Don’t know if that makes sense but there you go

  17. Joen says:

    That does make sense.

    I’d say it’s more “synth pop” now, than it is “synth rock”. I mean this in a good way, because it still sounds great.

    When I think downbeat, I think tracks like “Sverige”, or “P? N?ra H?ll”, minimalist tracks with only a few instruments. Not layer-on-layer tracks like Dom Andra, etc.

    Either way it doesn’t matter, as long as the album will sound great. And after Max 500, my last ounce of doubt is gone.

  18. Fergus says:

    And so is my last shred of doubt gone… I remember not being too impressed with “Dom Andra” when it came out (I probably was expecting more “synth rock”) but it (and the reast of the album) grew on me eventually…

    Now, I am impressed with the new single which can only be a good sign. I like the fact that they mention my favourite poet Baudelaire as well (I am french by birth), one that perfectly fits the Kent atmosphere…

    Right, gotta do some work here… 😉

  19. eric says:

    Kent almost makes me ashamed to be an American. It would seem to me that the only reason that Kent should have gone unnoticed in America during the early 90’s was because they spoke Swedish. Then came the English albums and with them, no more excuses. Americans just don’t have the intelligence to know what good music is. That’s why rap owns the airwaves here.

    I discovered Kent while cleaning the house once. I always put on MTV-2 while I clean. I don’t usually pay attention to the music on M2, but one day they played “If You Were Here”. I immediately dropped what I was doing and listened. The voice grabbed me first. It was perfect. Then I realized that that voice was being accompanied by the most incredible music I have ever heard. I instantly began my search for Kent Music. I ordered “Isola”, and I was sent the Swedish version. I didn’t know there was a Swedish version. It has since become the most important album in my collection. I now own every full-length Kent album, including the Limited edition of Du & Jag Doden.

    I have introduced them to all of my friends, who now have their own collections.

  20. Jonas Rabbe says:

    I like how music can transcend language barriers. I also love how we can be surprised by music. A few years ago my wife and I visited my in-laws then living in Taiwan. The TV programming was in English with primarily Chinese commercials. One commercial captured us. It seemed like part of a music video, but since all text in it was in Chinese we had no idea. Then one day we went shopping and was just looking a new music releases, and stumbled onto a CD with the two people on it from the commercial, it was Chris and Friends – To Encounter. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite music, but its very nice easy listening.

  21. Misia says:

    Hey there,

    I’m just a little Polish girl looking for some help. I’m looking for a translation of ‘Chans’ and I’d really appreciate any kind of help finding one. So if you know where i can find one or if you know the language and can help me translate it please email me or post soemthing. Thank you.

  22. Joen says:


    I looked but found no translation of “Chans”. Sorry.

  23. Eugene says:

    Hey Misia, and all others looking for Kent Translations. Here is a site will translations for ALL KENT SONGS! http://www.kent.uk.freeuk.com/startpage.htm

    I myself speak english so I am quite grateful that someone has put in so much work translating/collecting translations for us.

    BTW chans is a even better song after knowing the translation 🙂

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