No | November – Autumn

Noscope November is a celebration of the most beautiful of autumns I have experienced in years. The leaves are saturated more than ever before, and the sky has been gray in the most wonderful way.

October was a good month for me. While I was busy as ever with moving from Vesterbro to Amager, it’s been a great experience, and I’m thrilled with my new locations. In fact, Image #1, my personal favourite of the 5, was taken not long from my new apartment.

But October did not only present me with a new apartment, it also presented me with a fantastic trip to Sweden with some of my close friends. We sat under the cold cold night sky, around the fire in the garden, packed in layers of sweaters we found in our house. We counted shooting stars, while drinking white russians. On the last day, we grilled dinner down by the barn, with extra coal due to the sub zero temperature. Those are moments to remember.

Naturally all those events saturated the leaves extra for me, and as such, this is a tribute to mother nature and all the fantastic events she can present to us. I hope you’ll all have a great autumn.


The beautiful musical track is called “Red Tide”, and was initially composed for May 2003. You can download the full-length song from Kate, but consider purchasing her bands CD, “The Aqua Path” for 10 USD (+ shipping) at

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5 thoughts on “No | November – Autumn”

  1. Nik says:

    Real nice…

    Love the burnt colours in images 1 & 3.

    Image 4 is my favourite, the colour of the leaves is awesome.. definatley captured some of the best elements of Autumn.

    Soundtrack is fantastic too… I was straight on over to n-heptane.

  2. Joen says:

    Thanks much, I appreciate it.

    In a few days once the dust settles, I’ll upload the batch of photos I took on that trip to Sweden I mention in the article. Images 2-5 are from that trip.

    Glad you like #4, indeed it is very autumny—and that’s more “how it was” than it is my doing. In fact, I think #4 is the image I did the least to. The colors were quite simply amazing, no matter where I pointed the camera it turned out great 🙂

    Kate is amazing as always.

  3. You’ve done it again Joen. I like all the the images but #3 really had an impact on me – and The Aqua Path’s track is superb too. A great installment.

  4. Christopher says:

    Obviously the colors are fantastic, something of a counterpoint to the blue of the previous installment.

    Nothing against blue but, it’s nice to see you do such a 180 on the color wheel for this series.

    I think I’ll go with image 3 just for the red sky. I’ve just a yen for red skies.

  5. Joen says:

    Thanks Christopher. It’s funny you should mention the colors, because usually the blueish greenish hues are my weak points, while I find it much more easy (or comfortable?) to work with these strong burnt warm colors. In fact, I didn’t have too much time to spend on this november installment, so it was a conscious choice to “bet on the safe horse”.

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