Photography and 404 Updates

While I should be busy on several other projects (including the October installment), I find this to be the time when I am the most productive elsewhere.

As such, I have just recently updated my photography section to the latest version of Photostack, and styled it to look like it’s part of this website. I’m very satisfied with how the photography frontpage came out, but the individual photo pages need a little work—some other time. For now, go have a look!

Additionally, I have adjusted and improved the 404 error page. If you came looking for something that was moved, or never existed here, you’ll now be presented with a neatly styled page, with a WordPress search already performed. This was achieved with equal parts custom PHP (oh yes, I’m learning!) and help from WeblogToolsCollection, and Scriptygoddess. Just follow this link that never were, to see how that works. Update: No more. I had implemented the auto-search code wrongfully, and it hammered the server. The new 404 is much simpler, and the search is plain.

Now I really should be getting back to work.

12 thoughts on “Photography and 404 Updates”

  1. Michael says:

    Joen, can I nick that auto-search code off of you? I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.

    As for the photos section, the albums themselves aren’t style right?

  2. You’ve returned the proper status code too. I’m impressed!

  3. Joen says:


    Of course you can, I’ll mail the files to you. I’ll be “opening my templates” to the public eventually, for now people will just have to ask me for them.

    The photo albums are styled… if I understand you correctly. For instance, this photo album, it’s styled in the way that it has my Fauna stylesheet, various scripts and meta information attached. It’s just not “finalized” in its style. I tried adding the header and such, but it just didn’t work. The photos themselves need all the attention they can get, without my noisy header. I’m still unsure as to how I want it to look, but for now it’s just basic.

    If your question is whether it’s possible to style individual albums, yes it is. With the latest version of photostack (2.13b?), templates have been simplified a little bit (it seems), and put in their own folder. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t so tricky to style them after all. I’ll be happy to send you my templates if you want.


    I’m impressed too! Hehe, that is, I didn’t know what I was doing, and just following the tutorials mentioned :). Glad it’s the way it should be!

    By the way, how can you check if it sends the proper status code? I’m trying to educate Google et. al. in some permanent relocations for articles or URLs, and via my .htaccess, I’m sending a R=301 permanent redirection—but I’d love to be able to check that’s actually what’s happening…

  4. Joen says:


    Ack, in my haste I didn’t even read your article! I did now, and naturally it contains a link to the tool I was looking for: “HTTP Viewer“!

    Fantastic tool. I’m trying it right now on my old Movable Type URLs to see if they return 301.

    Test complete: Yes indeedy! It works.

  5. Glad I could be of service sir! 🙂

  6. Joen, coincidentally this just appeared on Forever Geek. If you use Firefox and you’re a web developer, then this is an incredibly useful extension…

  7. Michael says:

    Joen, when I watch the Sverigeturen photos, it’s a blank standard PhotoStack page, there is no styling…

  8. Joen says:


    GREAT extension! I’m there already!


    Are you sure there’s no styling at all? Have you cleaned your cache? There should be the remains of a soft brownish background in the bottom, a copyright notice, and the font on the drop-down box should be same size as the rest of this site fonts…

  9. Nik says:

    Ooh… nice! 🙂 I might take another look at photostack..

  10. Joen says:


    Actually, since Michael’s migrating away from Photostack, I’ve been pondering other solutions. Unfortunately, those I found were either too complex, or too simple for what I wanted to do… Photostack really did fine all along! It just wasn’t very templateable…

    That is, until this latest version. (Or maybe I just never tried templating the old version?). Suffice to say, it is not as difficult or time consuming as I thought, to template Photostack 2.13b. I will, in fact, eventually post a simple tutorial on how to do it, because it’s really just a few template tags, and a bunch of includes, just like WordPress.

    In the end, I like Photostack because it’s soo simple. It does what it’s supposed to, very well, and not a lot more. Just how I want it!

  11. ahdont says:

    do you still have the tutorial on how to style or implement it to wordpress? i would like to learn how 🙂

  12. Joen says:

    do you still have the tutorial on how to style or implement it to wordpress? i would like to learn how 🙂

    I never wrote that tutorial, and since then a much changed version of Photostack became available.

    Once I manage to install that, I’ll write up a tutorial.

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