5 thoughts on “Iraq War Illegal”

  1. Damn right it was illegal. But will there be any sanctions imposed on the US by the UN? Of course not!

    This totally sucks.

  2. Joshua says:

    Although I do not agree with the US going to war in Iraq, I also don’t agree with the necessity of getting the Security Council’s approval for all military actions. France, Russia and Germany all had economic interests in not seeing a war take place and I can not believe that they were driven solely my moral reasons in their stance. Let us never forget that the UN and all of its members are politically and economically motivated players and not moral players. If such were the case, then we wouldn’t be seeing such stall tactics playing out with the Sudan, where a real genocide is taking place at the moment.

    Let us not hold the UN up on a pedestal when it is not deserving of such lofty praise. It is a flawed institution at its core. A democratic body made up of mostly non-democratic nations. If anything it is meant only to slow the actions of nations – to provide a stumbling block, rather than to dictate world policy.

  3. Joen says:

    See this is an interesting discussion, because while it definately has gray areas, one could sum it up to the following:

    Should nations be allowed to wage war unilaterally?

    Well, I guess I just answered my own question there. Of course they shouldn’t. Who is to say which side is right then?

    Certainly it should be no secret that I disagreed with the US-led invasion of Iraq in every single way possble. While France and Russia did have economic interests in the war, the UN security council doesn’t consist of France and Russia alone.

    This said, we haven’t even talked about the massive demonstrations that have been held, world-wide. Surely the will against the war cannot be ignored as a “democratic body made up of mostly non-democratic nations”?

    Let me put it another way. What if all nations, and I mean all nations, truly believed they had the right to act unilaterally against other nations they percieved as “threats”—what would happen then? World War 3?

    To be honest, I see the Bush doctrine as the single most important threat to world peace. In other words, I completely disagree with you Joshua; getting the UN Security Council’s approval makes all the difference.

  4. marc says:

    The single most important threat to the world is Islamofacism, not the US. If they are not stopped thru various means, (i.e. modern Islam denouncing the radical factions, reform of Mid-East media, reform of Mid-East societies, and yes war) their hatred will continue to fester and we will all be bowing to Allah. Which is their ultimate goal not just the removal of the “Great Satan.” We are in the midst of World War IV (WWIII being the Cold War) to sooner many people realize that the sooner this enemy can be defeted.

    As for legality, Iraq signed a ceasefire agreement in 1991. They failed to meet any of its provisions, as such the US or any of its other signatories has the legal means to enforce those provisions.

  5. Thomas says:

    The war in Iraq,that is being waged without any reason,none at all in the name of freedom for the people of Iraq,now if ever there was a more illogical reason,this action by George Bush,and his cronies,including John Howard,will go down in recorded history,as a crime against the people of Iraq

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