No | September – Frozen

Noscope September is a collection of images frozen in time by means of camera. They represent memories, as pictures from a photo album would do.

I have documented the entire design process.

The beautiful musical track is called “Gelid”, and is composed by Kate. Gelid can be found on the CD “The Aqua Path”. The Aqua Path, containing 60 minutes of ambient water music can be purchased for 10 USD (+ shipping) at

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7 thoughts on “No | September – Frozen”

  1. Anders Rask says:

    Wow! I enjoyed that very much. Thanks for making that. I think the picture I kept staring at the most was number 3 with the eerie bike. I love how all the pictures (at least to my sight) have an illusion of some movement in the edges, while at the same time truly living up to the “Frozen” name in the area that is in focus. The music was a good choice as well I thought. I have seen much art that have touched me, but I never seen anyone actually pulling it off on the web.

    I think I’ll come back tomorrow and enjoy it once more 😉

  2. Joen says:

    Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

    That bike was the picture I liked the most as well, so I wanted to use it. Unfortunately it was a very blurry picture, because it was taken in the early dusk, and not well enough lit. This also accounts for the “movement in the edges” you saw. You’re right that it re-appears in the other images though, because the technique I used to “un-blur” the bike photo was used on the other pictures as well, (sharpen > smart blur). It’s just more visible on the bike than the others.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it, but must give more than due credit to Kate for the hauntingly great music. As I write in my “Open House” post, it is a humbling experience to be able to add such great music to my little pictures. They come out of nothing and are breathed life into, by the music.

  3. indieb0i says:

    I think this is my favorite of the installments I’ve seen. I absolutely love your choices of photos. Something about insects and flowers, I’ve tried to take good shots of them, but it takes more practice than I’ve had time for. I can’t even imagine how you took that 4th shot – it’s remarkable. I’ll have to read more of your open house to get a better idea of how you did this all. I think the true beauty this time is just how subtle the effects on the pictures themselves are.

    And as always, Kate’s music is wonderful and blends perfectly with the installment.

  4. Joen says:

    Thanks! I am fairly happy about some of the photos myself, and I certainly learn some tricks every time I have one of these monthly “sessions”. But sometimes when I “just” manipulate photos, I look at the end result and simply just like the photo better. That’s of course, a bad sign. So I am of course glad you like it. I’m particularly happy about image 5, ironically the first picture I made, chronologically.

    As for “how I did it”, if you do not find answers in the Open House post, don’t hesitate to ask (source files, anything), and I’ll try and deliver.

  5. I am lost for words Joen. Nothing I could write would truly express the “wow factor” that hit me when I looked through this issue – as stayed with me with each image.

    You’re a real artist my friend. I am both awed and humbled.

    Nice work.

  6. Nik says:

    Well you totally sold it to me in the first few seconds when I heard ‘Gelid’ start playing! Nice choice, my favourite on the Album. I remember when I first heard that track, it I was a random selection from iTunes and I initially thought it was from my girlfriends Sarah McLachlan album.

    Anyway… looks awesome! I love it… my favourite has got to be ‘4′, I didn’t realise from the thumbnails in the Open-House post the level of detail captured on the plant. The colours in ‘3′ are fantastic… I bet that bike still works too! 😀

    That’s not to say I didn’t like 1, 2 and 5… I just commented on 3 & 4! 😀

  7. Joen says:

    You are all too kind! I truly appreciate it.

    Nik, Gelid is my favourite on that album as well. I so hope “Bones” will be on another album—that’s my favourite track of them all. But yes, Gelid fits really well with this issue. As I mentioned in the Open House article, I was choosing between two songs, one would make the images optimistic but strangely sad (Gelid), the other would make them dramatic, mysterious and almost post apocalyptic (forgot the name of the song). It just goes to show you how all important the music is.

    It’s funny, I think 4 came out a total fluke. I too like that one, mainly for the lovely sunlight seeping in from the top left. But the photo was a fluke—I was trying to photograph a mushroom in the forest (it’s actually on the picture, just tinted totally orange), and there wasn’t enough light. I didn’t bring a tripod, so I just layed the camera on the ground—not photographing the mushroom at all, but capturing a quite interesting image. The manipulation was also a fluke—whipped out quickly.

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