3 thoughts on “BetaVote”

  1. Jiri R?s?nen says:

    Are you sure?

    My guess is that Ralph Nader would be elected.

    There are 65 candidates to choose from. – Where?

    Here: http://www.LeaderOfTheFreeWorld.com
    – Jiri

  2. Joen says:


    I was of course referring to BetaVote, which only lists John Kerry and George W. Bush. Granted, that is to overly simplify things a bit, and trust me, I’m all against the “two party system”.

    Very interesting site you have there, thanks for posting it.

  3. Daniel P says:

    What WOULD be interesting to note, is that the vote is very even in voters that claim to be from Afghanistan and Iraq… Question is how much weight should be put in the authenticity of BetaVote.com and the people who vote there. 🙂

    That other site seems fairly good… Somewhat difficult to read with all the lines behind the text though…

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