No | July 04 – Sommarlov

The music is called “Marigold”, and was composed for July 2003 by Kate. The song can be downloaded freely on her website, n-heptane.

“Sommarlov” is swedish, and roughly translates to “Spring break”, or “Summer holiday”. The choice of theme is a reflection on the current bulk of rain Denmark is being hammered with currently… and of course hopes that it’ll stop in time for my going to Roskilde Festival 2004 from the 1st – 4th of July…

So, in hopes of good weather for everyone this summer, I’ve tried to capture the feel of summer.

I think it worked out, mainly with credit given to Kate’s great musical piece.

The pictures from this month are from my two recent photo collections from sweden, “Vännaryd” & “Kullen”. Added to the composition is a techno-trixy pixelly effect that I first stumbled into when designing Greenpeace Amazon Crime Files sometime last year. It involves filling areas with aliased pixel-patterns, to achieve a flickering effect on the edge of big screens. Unfortunately, this part of the images didn’t work so well.

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8 thoughts on “No | July 04 – Sommarlov”

  1. kjsgirl says:

    I’ve tried to capture the feel of summer.

    I think you tried and succeeded. The pictures are gorgeous and make me long for warmer days outside once again. (It’s winter in my neck of the woods at the moment.) It’s funny how certain pictures, smells etc can rouse the senses and evoke pleasant memories. Yours did that for me 🙂

  2. Joen says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments, I really appreciate it.

    It’s funny I can never get used to how you aussies have winter when “we” have summer, and vica versa. June means sunshine and december means snow! 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about how memories can be awoken from sights sounds and smells. I often find music to be the trigger for me.

  3. kjsgirl says:


    You’re welcome =)

    It is strange talking to people who are complaining about the heat while you’re shivering next to a heater. I have never experienced a ‘white Christmas’ but I don’t really mind because our Christmases are usually spent frolicking in the pool or the surf.

    Music is definitely a huge ‘trigger’ for me too. I think the music you used for your pics this time was perfect for your theme. If only we could have smellcam too..

    on second thoughts…

  4. Joen says:

    Actually it’s been a while since I saw a white christmas. Unfortunately, it seems that they become more and more rare. I won’t go in to a global warming debate, but the winters just aren’t like they used to be anymore. Instead we get rain and 2-3 degrees.

    In other words: frolicking in a pool sounds like a thrill 🙂

    As for the music, again, it’s been such a pleasure working with Kate (the composer). She (and the rest of the band she’s in, Melusine) is so talented. I’m sure she/they will go far. I’m proud to have played a small part in her early days as an artist.

    Smellcam. I actually remember trying a prototype of just that at Expo 2000 in Hannover. It was a computer hooked up to the official expo website, with a small perfume emitter just below it that looked like a microphone. Whenever I clicked a link (or something), I got a puff of “minty freshness”, comparible to the smell when entering a perfume store (ie not really that nice).

    It could be fun to have such a thing, although as you hint at, i’m sure it would be abused pretty fast 🙂

  5. Chris says:

    There’s a company in England that manufactures scents for buildings, public places, etc to evoke nostalgia, keep ppl in their client’s shops longer, things like that. They were asked to make Tyrannosaurus Breath….but had to tone it down because it was so horrendous- yet accurate.

    I like the photos, too. A good mixture of crisp imagery with warm tones.

    And as for white Christmases…nothing beats ‘em! 🙂

  6. Joen says:

    I read about such in school. Grocery stores spray “fruit smell” in the fruit area, and all sorts of other smells to make people more receptive to spending. Scary.

    What interests me about this, though, is whether it’d be possible to “digitize smells”, just like one can digitize sound. Turn a smell into ones and zeros. I could’ve brought a “smell recorder” along when I took the photos, and you could all smell salty sea, wet leaves, etc.

    Just look at this company. Their motto is: “We digitize smell”.

  7. Nik says:

    I read about such in school. Grocery stores spray ?fruit smell? in the fruit area, and all sorts of other smells to make people more receptive to spending. Scary.

    I studied a similar ‘Marketing technique’ when I was at Uni… Not to do with smell, but the way in which lighting is used in supermarkets.

    Pretty amazing really… the detail they go to in order to convince us ‘we’ve gotta have it!’

  8. Joen says:

    Indeed. But then again, I do the same thing when I design the upcoming shop for sporkle. I present things looking better than they are, so ppl will be inclined to buy.

    It’s the name of the game. Although I must admit I never really stopped and thought about the ethics of it…

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