Your Link Target Preferences

After a longer Javascript coding session, I finally seem to have a (better) working system for your link target preferences

In the bottom left corner of this page, there’s a small checkbox called “External links open in new browser”. When checked, all external links (such as sidenotes etc.) open in a blank browser window, rather than replacing the current one. Vica versa when unchecked.

Until now, this checkbox has been pretty useless since it didn’t remember your settings. From now on, however, when you load this page, a cookie is written with the default preferences: to open external links in a new browser. Should you wish to uncheck this, your setting will be remembered. That is, when it works. For some reason there still seems to be a problem with browser sessions—for no appearant reason, when you close and open the browser and return to this site, your setting won’t be loaded in the first page you visit here, but in the second page it will. Could it be that the cookie fails to load before it’s contents have been read? Can anyone enlighten me whether cookies need preloading?

Update: I have released a downloadable version of the “Link Target Preferences”