Royal Danish Wedding

This friday, the 14th of may 2004, the danish crown prince Frederik will marry tasmanian Mary. It is a giant media-event, and every magazine is plastered with more or less pointless images of the couple.

While I wish the couple a good future, I think there is something fundamentally wrong with royalty.

The fact that someone is born to be royal… i.e. born to be “better” than the rest of the nation, is a form of “macro-scale racism”. It boggles me that this rule can still exists in a modern day society. The monarchy is an archaic left-over from the dark ages. It serves no purpose, other than perhaps to entertain the masses. The monarch, currently the queen, has little or no power.

So what harm is done?

Well, just to mention one thing – the price tag on the royal wedding. Various media reports that the price cashes in at between 140 and 150 million kronor (appx. 24 million USD). This is paid by the tax payers.

Up until knowing of this pricetag, I was pretty much indifferent to our monarchy. Being educated in print and advertisement, I acknowledged that our royal family helped advertise our small country to the world. I was of the belief, that the amount of money paid through taxes, was returned through revenue from increased tourism, industry etc. With such a situation, I could look past my idealistic views that all are created equal, and see a thriving business. And after all, it was pretty harmless.

But with a price tag of 150 million kronor and huge annual paychecks to all of the royal family, I cannot possibly believe that such an equation is balanced by sheer advertisement income.

The annual amount spent on our monarchy (an amount I dare not even guesstimate), could be spent so much better. Welfare, education, the building of low-income housing, just to mention a few.

But no. We’re keeping our fairytale. The small kingdom up north, with the prince that was born to be, and the princess that engaged royally. We will be following it on TV, read about it in magazines, talk about it, and dream how it would be, had we the genes and last-name “Rex”.

But honestly, is it really worth the price-tag?

I think not.

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  1. I don’t think you should underestimate the amount of publicity the royal family creates for Denmark. And while the price of the wedding may have been steep, you should also not underestimate the fact that it had 80% of the women in Denmark – and Northern Europe – spent all day glued to the TV with tissues at hand.

    I think the wedding alone has brought the entirety of Denmark closer together than any other event in recent history, and that is a beautiful thing to behold.

    And top that off with the fact that Copenhagen has never looked this good before!

    I salute the royal family.

    A few years ago I didn’t however, and I thought of them the same way that you do, but after having lived in Scotland for a few years I really came to miss Denmark. And in doing so I found the things that make Denmark distinct from other countries that I have visited to be worth keeping. To preserve our unique identity.

    Ah yes, ehm, as for the military and the church.

    Having served 10 months as a scout/group leader in the armoured infantry back in ‘98, I have a half-way ambivalent relationship towards it.

    On one hand I was very tired of the whole system while I was in there. There is no doubt that it definitly needs to be ‘optimized’. And while I was in there I found it to be exasperating that we had to do a whole lot of stuff that had no relevance to the real world situation.

    After having finished it however, I can truly appreciate the things I learned about myself while I was in green. And not just learning to point a gun or navigate a map. Things about working in teams, about earning trust from other people and appreciating the little things in life.

    Now obviously the military shouldn’t act as a social correctional institution of some kind, but I have certainly met many people who would benefit tremendously from taking a ‘tour of duty’.

    I’m not saying that this is grounds for keeping the current military system. But if they’re bringing service time down from 10 to 3 months; Well they might as well not bother, because that’s just ridiculous.

    As for the Church. I believe it should be 100% segregated from the state. We shouldn’t have a ‘religion’ as such. Religion is a personal matter, not a matter for the state to decide.

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