Bob Log III at "Loppen"

I wen’t to see Bob Log III at Loppen in Copenhagen yesterday.

Bob Log III is a one man band. He wears a helmet with a microphone built-in, plays slide-guitar and drums while he sings. It’s the strangest loudest noise blues you ever heard. Just listen to a sample from Amazon

This man uses every muscle in his body. The tempo is more than up-beat, and the music, while strange, is energetic, and it’s hard not to get the rhythm.

It was a great concert, and I will definately see him should he come to Denmark again.

It’s the kind of music that you have to experience, live. If you just slap on a CD, people will think it’s just noise (which it is). The benefit of this is that you can keep it to yourself.

It’s the same sort of decidedly un-commercial “love-for-the-music” feeling, that Sonic Youth has represented for years; nobody will understand why you’re listening to it.

But we, the enlightened ones, know better. And we’ll share a profound, unspoken connection, and nod knowingly to each-other when we hear “Boob Scotch”.