Myst IV

Myst IV is coming.

I loved Myst. We had it on our “family mac”. Riven (Myst II) was one of the first games I ever bought, and is still the best game I have.

I still remember the almost childish excitement of seeing Gehns underwater throne being attacked by the Whark… or the tremendous (although geeky) self-satisfaction of discovering the D’ni number system from old school toys in an abandoned D’ni school.

Myst 3: Exile was a worthy sequel. Although not nearly as good as Riven was, Brad Dourif played his part as the villain excellently, and the game in general had a great “interactive movie” feel.

I never did try Uru. But it looked interesting, although fairly different from the core of what the Myst saga was, namely centered around a family feud.

That’s why Myst IV looks like my cup of tea. It’s back to the basics. In fact, judging from the screenshots and video available on the website, Myst IV looks more like Myst and Riven than it does Exile.

I look forward to turning off the lights, turning up the music, and dwelling into a world, created just for me.