How Nature Was Built

I was looking through the photos I took on my recent trip to Sweden. And suddenly a sentence my old math teacher used to say, popped in my head. “Fractals exist everywhere in nature”.

A fractal is “A class of mathematical objects characterized by being self-similar. They tend to look complex and vaguely organic”, as quoted from this node at

Back then it was fun to look at broccoli and say “yeah… that’s uncanny”.

But lately, I almost feel like I’m suffering from pareidolia.

Simply put, I saw fractals in all the photos I had taken. Uncanny got a new meaning for me.

I gathered the most elaborate images here.



This image started my train of thought. Y upon Y upon Y. I wonder if this goes on even at a cellular level?


Small stars upon small stars.


A distant moss-relative of the rose?


Looks a little bit like the branches of a mini pine-tree.


It would even seem that one splotch of moss knows where it’s neighbour is … but no… that can’t be right. I must be pareidolic.



Could it be, that the sparks that fly from this fire, have a semi-predefined movement pattern? It doesn’t seem all that random…


I do not doubt that fractals play an important part of this plants pattern of life. What boggles me, is the fact that this plant… this tiny moss-plant, looks related to some tree branches, even some trees.

It is a microscopic world. If fractals are there, what’s to say that macro-fractals do not exist. Fractals that define pine trees… perhaps forest layouts… why not even city layouts when we’re at it.

Who’s to say, every design I ever made, was not just an expression of a complex fractal algorithm buried deep inside me?


Sprott’s Fractal Gallery (Do a search for ‘Natural Fractals’)

2 thoughts on “How Nature Was Built”

  1. “Fractals are everywhere” used to be one of my beliefs listed in the left side of my blog.

  2. Joen says:

    I remember! Until you mentioned it now, I thought it was still there. I just never gave fractals much thought.—You mean it is no longer one of your beliefs? Or is it just designed out?

    By the way, I deleted your double post. Sorry for my slow ass server, no doubt it’s responsible. I’m moving my site to Titoonic servers though, it’ll make a difference.

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